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  1. My wife and I write for magazines. We get about 10 articles (average about $2,500 each) a month between the 2 of us. We both have a few print on demand books.
  2. jaw

    Custom bed / bumper.

    I'll read into this. We don't have passports.
  3. jaw

    Custom bed / bumper.

    I have a Class 6 with a 144" sleeper with a rear exit. My wife and I both full time for the last 18 months and love it. We both work as writers. I'm looking for someone to build a bed and bumper for us. We have about 80" from the back of the sleeper to the end of the frame rails. What I want is decent stairs going driver and passenger side, a 50 ish" long bed with tie down rails that might gets used a few times a year, and 2.5" class 5 hitch for when we want to a second set of wheels to use. We mostly stay on the east coast, but willing to travel. Anyone know of anyone that is good at design, build, and install for something like this? Thanks JAW
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