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  1. Bill with bus. That's what we thought, but the seller was really put off that we'd do that. He will only let us do it if we see the rig in person first. I thought that odd.
  2. Just joined, and first question. We are planning on purchasing a Class A. We have done research and watched videos. Our biggest problem is that we live in Alaska where Class As are few, and it is miles and miles to go to the nice dealers. We are planning on being snowbirds now in the winters. We have a truck and 5th wheel to use for trade in. We like using dealers because then we could trade in. However, I have seen some coaches on RVTrader that I like. We called one today, asked our questions, then asked how the seller would feel about us hiring an RV inspector to look over the coach before we would go down. He said we need to fly down to look at it before hiring an inspector. Has anyone else out there purchased an RV from a distance. We would go down for the final inspection, but how do we know it is the right choice before spending the extra money for an inspector, or before buying plane tickets? Any suggestions? Bridget
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