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  1. I emailed just now about September availability. Fingers crossed.
  2. ROUS

    Tow Bar Question

    When making brand/system decisions, consider first whether you will be installing yourself or hiring another to do so. If you're hiring out this work, it would probably be wise to ask for the brand that they are the most experienced with. You won't want them learning on your vehicle. (Like mine did.)
  3. We use the TireMinder. It works great for us.
  4. Sounds like a heck of a deal for someone.
  5. It seems like our roads are getting more and more dangerous. People are spending too much time looking at their phones and making bad decisions.
  6. Go to Blue Ox's website and ask that question on their tech support page/form. They will tell you exactly and provide part numbers. You can also do that at etrailer.com.
  7. We just changed our toad from an aging Jeep to a new Ford Ranger. We have an all Blue Ox configuration. The base plate installation was straightforward, but the real challenge was in the taillight wiring. I was very fortunate to have a brother-in-law who is a mechanic and he has quite a bit of experience in wiring issues. There are just lots of options in this stuff. The Blue Ox wiring kit instructions were of limited use. But, etrailer.com has some very detailed videos on the process. That saved our bacon. We ignored the Blue Ox instructions and just did what the etrailer installer did. Our installation was made more complex because of LED taillights and highly featured taillight modules. But, it worked fine. And, sadly, just hiring someone to do this for you doesn't always work. Sometimes those 'experienced' tow system installers are anything but 'experienced' and are learning on your time.
  8. Please keep us updated. They'll figure it out.
  9. Some day, some savvy car dealer will become a toad specialist and sell ready-to-go towables.
  10. We actually started out our retirement nomadic life sans RV. We thought that the temporary housing model would offer a relatively inexpensive lifestyle that optimized freedom. It didn't turn out that way for us. 1) For us, it turned out to be expensive. Unless one is willing to spend time in the very least expensive motels, your average name brand hotel/motel would eat up most budgets. We focused on AirBNB and VRBO. Yes, there were some deals on monthly stays and we lucked into some great opportunities. But over time, you really do get what you pay for. (Pro tip: Don't trust the photos and descriptions on ads.) Again, unless one is willing to pursue monthly/longer stays in the most meager places, AirBNB and VRBO get pretty pricey--especially in pretty, tourist-oriented places that we wanted to visit. Top tier RV parks/resorts deliver comfort and amenities at a fraction of the cost of similar temporary housing. 2) Freedom--or lack of. We envisioned a spontaneous life and spur of the moment decisions. One can do that, but living that way probably means that your staying in hotels or pitching a tent. We found booking AirBNB/VRBO at the last minute impossible for us. Smart shoppers had already booked up the optimal places months before. So, we were left with expensive places or dives. This forced us to start booking months before hand and there went our freedom. We were tied to a schedule. Twice, we had to cancel reservations and lost big bucks. After six months of this, we bought an RV. We got the lifestyle that was exactly what we'd been hoping for--a balanced affordable, nomadic life with gobs of freedom. That's our experience. Your mileage may vary.
  11. If you're looking for a great deal on library e-books, you need to go no further than the Livingston Municipal Library. A library card/account there gives you access to an enormous online library of books. Sure, we buy e-books regularly, but we also download library books for free. The library's consortium uses an app called OneDrive and the lending library behind it is extensive.
  12. My son is supposed to get his vaccine this morning. He's on a surgical team in OKC and works with Covid patients daily.
  13. We only buy Milton gauges. They are strong, heavy, and time-tested.
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