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  1. I don't know the mpgs on it since we really haven't drove it much at all. Maneuvering, parking, all that. It's 30 feet long and I don't feel comfortable driving it at all.
  2. We plan on work-camping for the majority of the time, and then boondocking on our off season. I don't plan on returning to NY to live, ever. We figured that we would roam around the country following work-camp jobs until we find a place that we really love enough to permanently stay in. As far as money goes, we definitely will be leaving NY with a good enough amount of money until we do start working, though. As far as address goes, we aren't sure yet. Maybe you can help us out with that. I've heard of a company that will send all your mail to you (whichever post office is closest), but I
  3. Hi all! I'm overwhelmed with all the helpful advice, thank you so much! Our RV is a 1980 Itasca Sunflyer.. a class A motorhome, which we decided is much too big for us. The truck itself runs like a charm, and only has 69k miles on it. My bf (24) and I (21) ideally would like a class C, and then we would tow the Subaru behind it. But, it is a big investment so that's where the small pop-up idea comes in. With our price point, we'd probably be looking at something from the late 90s or early 2000s. We're just not sure if it'd be a better decision to wait on that purchase until we are ou
  4. Good points here. We are from NY, and plan on going to either Arizona or California for the winter. We talked about maybe getting a small teardrop camper for the trip out, and then searching for an RV out west. If there's anything I've learned from living here, it's that vehicles are much more expensive and will eventually rust out regardless of whatever precautions you take. We have plenty of tenting gear as well. I'm just wondering, from an experienced standpoint, does this seem like a realistic plan?
  5. Hi all, My boyfriend and I have been planning on becoming full-time travelers this fall. We bought an RV last year, and decided neither of us liked it enough to bring it. So we are selling it! Now we are considering the option of towing a small, very light camper. I have a Subaru Outback with a tow capacity of 2,700 pounds. What campers do you recommend we look at for living out of full-time?
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