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  1. 2 hours ago, Kirk W said:

    In this entire thread, I have not seen one statement that this is the only way. But it is the way that is working at this time and until there is a better way, most of us will support it. It is sad that it has had the economic impact that it has, but that is still better than doing nothing until our medical system collapses under the burdens that were coming before the move to masks and social distancing. In time there will be new and better answers, we hope. Until then it is the best that we have. We do need to find ways to help those who are harmed as a result of the mandates.

    There will always be those who object to any new health action. There are those who refuse vaccinations, others who object to blood transfusions, and probably any medical procedure that we could name. 

    CDC has now said that COVID only deaths are less than 6%:

  2. 8 hours ago, hemsteadc said:

    I used to hear this 'unproven' argument from a global warming denier.  I think he called it 'unsettled.' He didn't understand science either. 

    Science evolves, it changes with changing circumstances.  People used to think the earth was the center of the solar system.  That it was flat.  And with religion getting in the way and actually executing people for belief in science, it's a wonder we know anything. 

    Think of it like a criminal trial.  We don't KNOW the defendant committed a crime because nobody was there to see it, but we rely on the preponderance of EVIDENCE to reach a reasonable conclusion.  That's science. Is it ever wrong? Yes, but we have a much better chance of being right with this method than any other.  

    When I hear our beloved president et al badmouthing medicine for first not requiring masks, and then changing their minds, I just cringe.  They don't understand how this works.

    Preponderance of evidence is one thing, but making up “science out of whole cloth” and calling it fact is another. Global climate change is part of nature. The made up facts of man made global warming is a complete hoax

  3. 5 hours ago, Barbaraok said:

    Actually SCOTUS decided this sometime ago.  Laws were passed over a century ago that gave local officials the job of declaring emergencies in cases of disease transmission - think Typhoid Mary.  Thus when a epidemic occurs, it is the job of local officials to do things like quarantining people who posse a risk.  Wearing a mask is a simple thing to do.  But if you hate your fellow man ........



    you are not convincing me and evidently I am not convincing you.

    Done with this topic.

  4. 8 hours ago, Barbaraok said:

    Boy did you blow that one!   I lived for 5 yrs in Smith County, easy to spot county lines, because that is where all the liquor stores were located.   At every election there was an initiative to allow open liquor sales in the county.  Baptist ministers and LIQUOR STORE OWNERS IN THE BORDERING COUNTIES were the driving force AGAINST it!   

    And to go further, it is possible to have wet cities and dry cities in the same county.    

    Like I said, COUNTIES cannot enact an ordinance a CITY can. A wet dry election can be held in a city or county and the PEOPLE decide what they want, not the politicians!

  5. 7 hours ago, Barbaraok said:

    But you said they couldn't do that.   And some counties do have mixtures of dry and wet cities in them.   How long have you lived in Texas?

    All my life! 69 years.


    i said the commissioners court Or county judge could not decide on their own to have a law. A vote of the people is completely different. How long have YOU lived in Texas?

    Have you studied the State Constitution?. I have and know that a county can not enact an ordinance 

    The citizens of a county can vote on some items to enact such as the wet dry issue. In fact many counties are wet but the individual cities in them can be dry. Cities can pass ordinances via their city council but mayors cannot declare something to be a law!

  6. 8 hours ago, Kirk W said:

    And you know this how? As it happens, here in TX there are many counties that have passed such measures through the county commission and cities that have via the city councils. Sometimes such agencies must take the roll of a parent in requiring citizens to do what is best for them, just as a parent will make a child take medicine that tastes bad. 

    In Texas, counties make not make ordinances. They can only follow State law, says a guy formerly in law enforcement.


    Cities can enact ordinances via their city council, mayors, county judges, etc cannot do it on their own. Unfortunately that is the case in many locations, I.e. Harris County

  7. If a business requires a mask to enter and I need or want their service/product, I wear a mask.

    if some tin horn politician tells me I have to wear a mask, well good luck with that! No one has convinced me they have the authority’s to declare on their own that I have to wear one. No law was passed, just their Fiat.

  8. Six months or so ago, a cousin called me saying she could not find me on Facebook. I told her that I did not have or want a FB account. I told her that if I wanted anyone to know what, where, etc I was doing, I would call them and tell them.

    She jokingly said” is that why you never call me?”


    I said that is EXACTLY why I don’t call you!


  9. 5 hours ago, orca said:

    More than once we have opened the closet and found every hanger on the floor of the closet!  Now, on move, day my wife will group ten hangers together and bind them with a small bunge cord.  Now if we hit a good whopdedo the cloaths stay on the bar!

    Cover the rod with some of the rubber shelf liner, might help

    i have never had a pro with the coat hangers coming off

  10. You will have to complete a form on where you will quarantine yourself for 14 days if staying in Texas. They will then do spot checks to see if you are there. If not you could be subject to fines.


    For what it is worth, Texas has also closed all State parks as of today.


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