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  1. Thanks so much for the list of insurance companies!!! I will check with them.
  2. I have a question about how to handle vehicle insurance for an "RV" and I'm hoping someone can help. I put "RV" in quotes because my vehicle is going to be a conversion van that I slowly build out myself. So it's not going to be a traditional RV, like a Class A/B/C. But I am going to be living in it full-time as I travel through the US and will be using a CMRA (through St. Brendan's Isle in Florida) as my permanent residence address. So I don't know if I need to go though a company that provides regular car insurance (since it's just a regular van) or RV insurance (since I'll be living in it full time). I will be using the address issued by my CRMA for vehicle registration and insurance purposes once I get the conversion van (I don't have it yet, but very soon). And the CMRA is the only address I'll have, I don't want to use the address of any friends or family for anything, I want to be totally independent. I'm probably going to switch to using Escapees in South Dakota at some point, but since I already live in Florida it was easier to do SBI as my CMRA for now. My concern is that I've already run into some issues with using the CMRA as my permanent address. My banking and credit card accounts wouldn't allow me to use the CMRA address as my permanent address, I could only set it as my mailing address. Their computer systems somehow automatically know it is a CMRA address (versus being a residential address). So now I'm worried that a regular car insurance company won't insure me with a CMRA address. And at the same time I'm also worried I won't be able to get full-time RV insurance since I'm going to be in a conversion van and not a traditional RV. Does anyone know how people handle this type of situation? I know there are other people out there living full-time in their cars or SUVs, but I haven't been able to figure out how they handle vehicle insurance. I'd really appreciate any advice.
  3. So here's my situation. I've been out of my apartment and full-timing for almost a year but my former apartment's "physical" address is still on my drivers license. I have a CMRA but I haven't changed my drivers license yet, mainly because most of the advice I've gotten was to keep the "link" to a real physical address until I purchased an RV (I've been full-timing the past year in a tent, which obviously is a whole other problem right now because all campgrounds are closed, and something I'll probably be posting about in another forum). At this point my USPS mail forwarding is about to run out, which is something else to consider, maybe. I added the CMRA to all of my personal accounts as a mailing address, but my apartment address is still listed as my primary residence for most of my accounts. At least with the CMRA as my mailing address things shouldn't be mailed to my apartment address since someone else has been living there the past year. Both my physical and CMRA addresses are in Florida, so I only have to deal with a federal tax return. But I can't decide which address to use for my tax return for 2019. Can anyone see a benefit of using one over the other? Ultimately I will permanently be at the CMRA on my DL etc, but I couldn't even do that right now if I wanted to with all the government offices closed. So as far as government entities are concerned I guess I'm still at my former apartment's address. Also, my question isn't about the stimulus check, since I already know I'm going to have to file some change of address paperwork since the IRS is automatically going to use the address on my 2018 return (which is my former apartment's address). I'd appreciate any advice on this from my fellow full-timers!
  4. I wasn’t exactly sure which topic to post this under, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong place and please feel free to move it. I am totally new to this community and RV living, so thanks in advance for your patience. I’m leaving apartment life and heading off in an RV full-time. My apartment lease expires at the end of April, so it’s getting down to the wire. A lot of last minute things have come up and I’ve only got a month to resolve them. I could find somewhere to stay temporarily for a month is necessary, but I really don’t’ want to do that. Believe it or not I’ve been preparing for move for the last 6 months, but I guess I didn’t get into as much detail on some things as I should have, hindsight is always 20-20. I totally thought I had my domicile choice in the bag, but last minute conflicting information has made me question things. I need to get this sorted out as quickly as possible so I would appreciate any advice. I would really love to hear from people who have recently used Escapees or St. Brendan’s Isle to establish Florida domicile and mail forwarding. So, here’s some background on my situation that will hopefully help you to help me: solo female travelers in her 40s totally new to RV life – but I have done solo business and personal travel for many years, so am completely comfortable with that aspect very excited for RV life – tired of apartment living and have never found a place I liked enough to buy a home, love travelling and meeting new people current FL resident (for the past five years) with FL DL and car registration – although I will be getting rid of my FL car once I get the RV, it’s on it’s last legs and would not even be reliable as a TOAD need mail forwarding service and to establish domicile – want a professional service, do not want to use family or friends for my address new 2019 Class C RV 24-26ft (NOT PURCHASED YET) – I’ve decided on a small Class C and won’t be towing anything (no TOAD, at least not for the first year), I have NOT purchased the RV yet since I thought it might best to establish my domicile before buying and registering the vehicle (let me know if you feel differently and why) I have qualified for a loan but signed anything yet – I’m getting the loan on my own (and not through RV the dealership), but again I wasn’t sure if I should officially establish the loan at my current apartment address or the new address that I will be using for my RV domicile (or if that even matters), I’ll probably have to re-apply anyway since it’s been over a month, I may get a slightly different rate but at least I already know I qualify for the general loan amount I need After speaking at length today to representatives at both Escapees and St. Brendan’s Isle and extensively searching the FL DMV website, I’ve gotten some conflicting information with regards to my DL and RV registration in Florida. I thought being a current FL resident would makes things a little easier but I’m not sure that’s the case anymore (and now that I’m rethinking things South Dakota would actually be cheaper, the RV insurance would be about half the price and sales tax on an RV purchase is 2.5% less than in Florida). But let’s focus on my Florida questions, because that still might be easier in the short term since I’m already a resident. Both Escapees and St. Brendan’s Isle has the same basic mail forwarding services, so are comparable in that regard. The big negative I saw with Escapees is that I’m going to wind up with two address – which I didn’t realize until I read the fine print. My physical address for FL, registration and insurance will be in FL, but I will have a mailing address in Texas for everything else (credit cards, banks statements, friends, family, magazines). The issue with Escapees would be the same if I decided to domicile in SD. Of all the times I’ve looked at the Escapees website in the past 6 months, I didn’t know about the two different addresses until today. This seems like it could wind up being a lot of of trouble, so anyone who has experience with this please let me know. Did having two address lead to any confusion with your credit card or bank accounts? I’m also now sure which I address I should use for my lienholder, rates may be different in FL vs Texas, although they might require my domicile state which would be Florida. And it also seems like it would lead to some double-forwarding fees, the mail that goes to FL address will automatically be forwarded to the Texas address as part of the Escapees contract, which will then have to be forwarded to me where ever I might be at the time. I’m not sure why Escapees does things this way, it seems to make things more complicated. But maybe that’s just because I have no experience with this so it seems overwhelming. The issue that came up with St. Brendan’s Isle is one I’m really confused about, so I hope I can explain it in a way that makes sense. I would have just one physical address for both my domicile and mail forwarding, which seems like it would be easier than Escapees in that regard. But they said there would be this weird thing with my driver’s license (which I think would be the case whether you are a current or new FL resident). They said my registration would have their physical address and my specific box number, but that my drivers license would have my RV registration number instead of my specific box number. Basically that you are required to inform the FL DMV you are a full-time RVer and they will make this specific change the address field on your DL. So my RV registration address would say “411 Walnut Street, Box 5678” but my DL would say “411 Walnut Street, RV #ABCD”. Does anyone know if this is true? Escapees didn’t saw anything about this, they said both DL and registration would have use the physical FL address they assigned to me. I couldn’t find anything about this on the FL DMV website either. Could this be because Escapees uses the address of an RV resort park and St. Brendan’s Isle uses a commercial address? Can anyone who uses St. Brendan’s Isle please let me know how the address info appears on your DL vs registration? Also, if you know of a different domicile/mail forwarding service for Florida that uses only one address, please let me know. And thank you so much for reading this long post and for any help you can offer!
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