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  1. I extremely would like to buy the backup camera according to the client's comments. What ideas you have? It's the comment content, as follows: I purchased to use for a 1,000 mile move this past May and since then have used it 3 times, twice 1,000 mile trip and the third for a short 180 mile trip. The first trip I had a 26 foot u-haul with a car carrier behind it and needed something to give me a view of the car on the trailer as well as what is behind me. My mistake was thinking that purchasing this kit I would just be able to use the magnetic mount to stick it to the u-haul truck. U-haul truck boxes are 100% aluminum above the bumper and as such, nowhere magnetic high enough to be usable. The problem quickly resolved at my local hardware store where I picked up a 6”x10” piece of galvanized sheet metal with some outdoor Command Strips. I mounted the sheet metal using the Command Strips on the flat area between the roll up door and the roof of the u-haul. This provided a more than adequate mounting surface for this camera and the battery. I used the windshield suction mount for the display with only the screw in antenna which worked more than adequately. I had a constant 2 to 3 bars of signal strength between the camera & the display, which worked perfectly except when close to another 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi networks. On a thousand-mile drive, this interference happened less than expected. I repeated this drive with a second 26 foot u-haul in September but without the car carrier behind it. Performance was as good as the first trip and very happy that I had it. Made parking at hotels and getting into and out of gas stations a breeze. My third trip was a much shorter one with a horse trailer behind a pickup. It was great having it for this trip and worked much better than with the u-haul keeping a constant full bars of signal. I never got any interference from other Wi-Fi networks. As I was afraid of losing the camera if the magnets or Command Strips failed, I purchased a retractable “Gear Keeper” tether on Amazon, which I connected to the camera and battery and then to the u-haul. This was overkill and never needed, but made me feel better. Battery life is much better than expected getting consistently 12-13 hours on a single charge without turning it off at stops. This was perfect for me as this was about my maximum time I could drive a u-haul with a car behind it on a given day. If you want to use it longer, consider a second battery or plan on charging at stops. One note on the battery is that if you want to charge it by plugging into a standard 110v outlet, you will need to purchase a higher amperage USB charger than what comes with an iPhone. I purchased a QC 3.0 charger that worked perfectly. One note on the battery is that I charge it once a month as I do for my e-bike batteries and others to ensure maximum battery life, and I am considering purchasing a second one as a backup. The kit comes with an external antenna that I tried to use with the u-haul on the second trip, but since I had nowhere but the roof of the cab to place it, it did no better than the screw in antenna. Other than trying that one time, I have not used the external antenna. The case it comes in is perfect for the kit plus a few other things that I bought for the kit. It is very sturdy and survived shipping USPS back and forth for my trips. It does come with 2 Allen wrenches to adjust the camera. I added a short Phillips screw driver and upgraded to a better Allen wrench with a ball end to make adjustment easier. One final note is that if you repeat my galvanized steel with command strips, make sure you purchase with a heavy enough gauge so that the magnets have something to hold onto. Galvanized steel has lower iron content, but what I found in my local hardware store was perfect for the task without much thickness.
  2. I am very curious about how to enhance the safe when driving? I wanna recommend some brand to my friends. Thanks so much.
  3. jay

    How long is your CLASS A?

    Thanks for your reply quickly and patiently.
  4. I ever saw a CLASS A, its Length is 46 foot, How long is your vehicles?
  5. jay

    Tailgate Question

    Will you install the back up camera system when you drive your 5th wheel?
  6. Wow, I believe the rear view system will help you more, not only is the back up, we also could use it to observe the surrounding situation avoiding suffering from unexpected disaster.
  7. Yeah, the camera technology is faster and faster, I have focused on some suppliers, I found one brand is popular, and has got a good reputation, it is called as haloview. If you wanna know more info, product link:https://www.haloview.com
  8. About the suppliers of wireless, back-up cameras, we are familiar with a few brands, for example, voyager, furrion and haloview, etc , but we prefer to the Haloview, because of it"s quality and excellent public reputation.
  9. A backup camera could be useful. I am using this one: https://www.haloview.com/haloview-mc7108-7-inch-720p-hd-digital-wireless-rear-view-camera-system.html Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GKXPKRS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=lyrvaffpage-20&linkId=4f0070753dfe61c624752eb796d83797&language=en_US
  10. Check this one: https://www.haloview.com/haloview-mc5111-5-720p-hd-digital-wireless-rear-view-camera-system.html
  11. jay

    Need better back up cam

    I prefer this one:MC7108,a wireless camera system from haloview. It has high image quality with reasonable price.
  12. Bad things happen every day. It is vital to make sure we have safety equipments like front driver and passenger air bags. Besides, we can install haloview cameras to get a full field of view around our car and avoid accidents.
  13. jay

    test Photo

    Nice picture!
  14. I do and it will save you a lot of time and energy.
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