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  1. Previously I had used MarCell but now I'm using RV PetSafety, this product is to secure a dogs by monitoring the temperature level that we set in the app. The temperature level exceeds our device will alert you through Mail/message. It's a chargeable device and the battery backup is 2days and GPS tracker is available, so this will help to find your dog in which circle. This is powered by cellular so no need Wi-Fi and RV PetSafety App is available we can control over through this app. Comparing to MarCell RV PetSafety is easy to use and more secured. I'm happy on RV PetSafety.
  2. Hi Jessica, may I know how long you were using that product? And can you brief about that product?
  3. I'm using a product called rvpetsafety for the last 8 months. This device can monitor real-time temperature and sends alert to your mobile/email using the cellular connection. It takes care of my pet. The features of this device are awesome. I suggest you try this device https://rvpetsafety.com
  4. Dogs in hot cars are a huge dog car safety issue. Reminds pet owners that on a mild 72-degree Fahrenheit day, temperatures inside a car can skyrocket to 116 degrees F within an hour. On an 85-degree F day, the temperature can hit 102 degrees F in under 10 minutes. Cracking windows are useless against such a ferocious heat onslaught, which can rapidly cause brain damage or death. Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do. They only perspire through their paws and reduce body temperature by panting. So always provide a bowl of fresh, clean water in the car — regardless of the temperature outside. Water cools the mouth area and helps keep your pooch hydrated while you drive. I traveled with my dog and I face this situation in my last vacation and then my dog gets into danger by hypothermia then I recovered them from critical. Suggest your opinions, it will help me to travel with my dog on the next trip.
  5. Hello Jessica, there are many RV parks and dog parks in Arizona like Desert Garden RV park, Desert tail RV Park, Tombstone RV Park & Campground, Ivan's Spot Dog Park, Butterfield RV Resort, Sixth Avenue Dog Park and so much of Dog & RV parks are in Arizona but these Parks are very famous and you can entertain with your dogs there. As James says that about RVPetSafety it's very functional, it's really worthwhile travelling in an RV, The device can monitor the temperature level and It will give an alert, really its very useful to monitor our pets and I purchased with "semar10" COUPON CODE before 3 months its running very well and it took some burden of mine. Try about it.
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