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  1. I have used RV PetSafety's https://rvpetsafety.com new device which works on Verizon cellular network, they seems to be nice
  2. Hey all, Currently I'm using RVPetSafety But their new product 4G device is available in the market now with additional features. Before you go for it check its features, But temp stick has no true real-time reporting. The shortest interval for readings is 5 minutes and you can not check the power status of your RV it also requires a mobile hotspot device. Thank you!
  3. Suggest some outdoor decors for an RV, have you ever personalized your RV if yes just share the pictures and tell some decorative ideas about outdoor furniture, lightning etc., Thank you!
  4. I would prefer part-time cause I can't able to manage my pets inside the RV and for my husband, it's more comfortable than living in an RV. It's up to you if you love to be full-timers just go with it or else leave. But some people enjoying to be full-timer there is nothing complicated. If you like something just do it. Thank you!
  5. 😆😆 I have 2 dogs, It's very hard 😆😆
  6. Hello Seon, Just prepare some tools or emergency kits before traveling. Here are some tips for you 1. Prepare a pet-friendly travel kit, 2.Have Vet number & information for each location you are visiting, 3. Get your pet Vaccinated, 4. Better you can use some pet monitor products. Thank you.
  7. Hi Jscott, Canyon Lake RV Resort, One of my friends had visited this park and they said they were enjoyed a lot and restaurants are in the walkable distance and the food was very tasty. Just check out the park.
  8. Thank you, Seon! It is very helpful for me and also more people suggesting me the rvpetsafety monitor https://rvpetsafety.com/ really I love the features, thank you for your response.
  9. I really don't know about it but some had suggested me a pet temperature monitor from rvpetsafety. I think it may use for your research. https://rvpetsafety.com/
  10. Hello James, Thank you so much for your suggestion. The link you gave was so helpful, I wonder about the features of the product. I think every pet owners must have this. Now I can monitor my doggos temperature and I will get alert when they are in danger. And thanks for the discount code James, I'm gonna buy it for sure.
  11. Omg! Really it's a great app thank you so much, Now I can travel with my dogs peacefully.
  12. Thank you! You are saying that southern AZ was very hot, Then suggest me some good parks in AZ and I have 2 dogs. will the park allow pets? and what are the amenities?
  13. Thank you! Kirk W for your respond, I had gone through the site which you gave really that is very helpful for me. And for now, we didn't know how long we will spend in each park because this is our first time so it based upon the situation.
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