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  1. Does Iowa 80 have designated rv parking, been quite a few years since being there in my trucking days. ( 379 Pete with fifth wheel toyhauler , 65' overall ) , Thanks
  2. Thanks again for all the replies, bring on spring !!
  3. Just curious, voltmeter showing just over 12 , and ammeter showing charging ???
  4. Thanks Jim & Kellie, reworking my plans for May 2019 , cheers !
  5. Thank you, Clark County Shooting Complex looks pretty cool
  6. Hello, newby here. I will be looking to stay in Las Vegas NV for about 5 days , middle of May 2019 on my way to Reno for truck show. I have a 2003 Pete 379 pulling Grand Design fifth wheel toyhauler, overall length is 65' . Any recommendations for rv parks around Las Vegas, any information would be appreciated.
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