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  1. Thank you , it gives me some more options I had not considered
  2. Thank you I agree "more is better" the $ on mdt's are ridiculous and the rally should be a great staring point!
  3. Hi everybody! I'm about to retire my ford E350 SD extended van in favor of something with a sleeper etc (HDT) but I have no clue where to start. I do not know what my options are (whats smaller than an hdt?) class numbers etc, what would "average" milage be 500K?, Any advise you can offer would be great. A little background on me...played music professionally for over 30 years, construction background, I own a cbd oil business so I can work from anywhere Would like a sleeper with enough room to build a small office space, not sure about hauling a small (smart) car may just take my motorcycle Caper is a bumper pull Jayco 32 bhds, 36 foot ..around 9500lbs loaded
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