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  1. Thanks , we went by there but didn’t stop
  2. Thanks for the suggestions.. we are getting a small dehumidifier. And will keep the cabinets open more..
  3. Musty smell in upper cabinets... I don’t see any leaks around rear window or on roof or where gutter attaches.. we r full timers so have been spending lots of time inside... no sign of mold inside if cabinets.. whipped walls down with vinegar and water soulition
  4. Thanks for all replies..
  5. Looking at curt 20k , or b&w patriot
  6. Thanks for the replies..
  7. Do you use a 16k hitch for up to a 16,000# 5th wheel, or should you use a 20k hitch, for safety margin.
  8. KevinS

    Grand design

    I thought he was , but we r full timers and moving all our stuff over from old camper to this one , we were tired.. I just want to get out of there. We will be going back there tomorrow to have them look at trailer brakes.. thanks
  9. KevinS

    Grand design

    Thanks for the hint .. just crawled under camper seen outside of drum oily black looking, so probably a seal is leaking..
  10. KevinS

    Grand design

    Thanks.. we only travelled about 30 miles from where we purchased the camper.. we will just head back there tomorrow to have them fix it.. what are some of the mods. You did on your 337?
  11. KevinS

    Grand design

    Thanks we are in it now.. we think we are going to like it..while leaving the dealer, my integratred brake controller flashed warning... the manual override wouldn’t stop us only going about 5 mph....their tech.. thought grand design and Montana brakes won’t really work until about 30 mph... anyone hear this..?
  12. What do you guys use as a 50 amp surge protector?
  13. KevinS

    Grand design

    No replies hope that is a good thing .. we went through with the purchase of this model..
  14. KevinS

    Grand design

    anyone Have a 2017 grand design reflection 337rls
  15. Anyone think that a spring is broke on one side? Or have a number for dometic a&e awning that I can contact them .. thanks
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