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  1. As of 11:40pm Monday, it's still stalled over Freeport. In theory, when it moves again (expected at some point Tuesday morning) it could wobble west before heading north or it could head north. Point, being, it hasn't headed north YET. Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World will close by 3pm tomorrow. Here's hoping all RVers have found safety NOT on the coast in Georgia, the Carolinas or Florida.
  2. We live in Orlando, and as far as we know it HASN'T made the northern turn yet. It wobbled north, but it's still very much heading our way. If you can get out, at least to the Gulf side, now's the time to do it. We're definitely not out of the woods yet, and it looks like the coast will get some level of strong winds and rain, if not a Cat 1 or 2. We're already under a Tropical Storm Warning as far inland as Orlando. We should know more by this evening, but as of 4:45pm on Monday, it has NOT yet turned north. We could definitely feel a direct impact. We're not panicking in central Florida. We've been through this before. But we're hunkering down, and starting to see stray bands of heavy rain pushed ahead of the hurricane.
  3. Bigthinkers


    Fabulous! Wishing you safe and happy travels!
  4. Wonderful! Happy travels!
  5. Orlando has been hotter than normal, but we're getting our typical afternoon thunderstorms, which are helping. Stay safe, and drink a lot of water!
  6. Consider reading ads for RVs that are near you, and choosing a handful that sound fantastic. Then go see them in person. The way they appear in an ad and the way they appear in real life are very different things. I would not buy an item that expensive and that notorious for having 'hidden issues' without spending time in it first, with a checklist in hand. Then, I'd have the one I was most sure about inspected by a professional. I suspect it could save a LOT of financial pain.
  7. And...that right there is what puts me off staying in campgrounds. We love our gin&tonics and a great bottle of wine, but just the thought of drunken neighbors makes me break out in hives. Tell me it's not like that everywhere. That's my nightmare.
  8. You don't have to be "full time" for either role, in the sense that you don't have to work a 30-40 hour week (which is hard to get at Disney anyway). You're right that you have to be a full, year-round Cast Member, at least to play the role of Fairy Godmother, as in, not third-party (as, for example, CMs who work at Rainforest Cafe, Yak & Yeti and other third-party vendors are). I'm not sure what the requirements are for boat captains, but we do have a retiree friend who captains part-time (ETA: part time, but year-round!). We would only do this if we return to Florida, live full-time in Orlando, and are no longer travel writers.
  9. I "get" this, 100%! There's Disney, and then there's Disney Corporation. Two very different things. We've chosen which Cast Member roles we'd like at Disney, in case this whole travel writing thing ever goes belly-up. Husband wants to be a boat driver and I'd be happy with the role of Fairy Godmother. At least for a while.
  10. Our oldest son works at Magic Kingdom right now, and has also worked at Animal Kingdom. His girlfriend just got transferred from the Poly to Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios, so she's seriously excited! We do a huge amount of work focused on Disney and Orlando, and we do restaurant reviews for a magazine, so we've been very lucky to have dined all around WDW. As much as we love Epcot (and we love Epcot a LOT), in our opinion Disney Springs now has it beat for the overall best dining. But, as you say, it's pricey. Where did you work? Did you enjoy it?
  11. THIS ^ x100! We did an 18 month project (off and on, not consecutively) that almost exclusively involved small towns, and that's where the REAL charm of being able to move slowly is allowed to shine. Totally addictive, and the main reason we're giving ourselves a year or two to travel by RV. Don't underestimate the lesser-known aspects of this great nation.
  12. I tried to find the specific model mentioned (24V) but couldn't. I didn't mean the View wasn't around, I just couldn't find that model, and curiosity got the best of me. I love seeing all sorts of interiors.
  13. Well, hi there, neighbor! We're not far from you, and yes, Orlando has some excellent restaurants. Can't wait for Magical Dining Month! I don't have any belts that are 55, but my teeth are about that old.
  14. Yes, that's the sort of thing I'm thinking (we're Boomers, ((and Xscapers, eventually,)) so I guess we fit). I can't imagine doing Bingo. Maybe once, just to say we had, but not very often. Happy Hour, yes. Buffet, not a chance. Bless your heart! That's adorable!
  15. I can't find a 2010 Winnebago View 24V for sale (didn't find anything older than 2014 in that model), but if older models have the fold-down twin bed set up, my immediate question would be: how comfortable are you going to be if you have to get out of bed at night through a small-ish opening at the bottom of the middle of the bed, rather than being able to get out on each side? Have you been in that model? Will the rather cozy confines be comfortable for 4-6 months, full-time?
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