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  1. Are you checking dc charging at the battery or at the inverter? there should be a dc shunt on the the negative side and a fuse or breaker on the positive side for overload and if you have a battery monitor hooked up I would try unplugging it I have had one fail in the past and the inverter wont charge if it doesn't think there is a battery

  2. All you have to do is call the tax assessor in the county you reside in and they will send you the paper work you need to register your vehicles/trailers etc. cut them a check and send everything back and they will send you the stickers then if you return back to Texas you have 3 days to have them inspected I do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR because I'm in Wisconsin when my registration comes up! they wont change my registration month so I have to do it this way. you only need an inspection when your in Texas hope this helps

  3. when me and wife moved to texas as full-timers we had to show proof of address with 2 bills(electrical,water,sewer,cable,etc.) in order to get driver license and insurance! my daughter lives here so it was no problem because we stay there when we are there and they are OK with that. and by the way we have progressive insurance on our truck and trailer and everything inside of it

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