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  1. Well, I have to say this is the best "forum" of assistance I think I have ever gotten from any site! Thank You all very much! I've asked also in other places and are reading their feedback as well but I think the consensus is have every other duck in a row (which worries me travelling from Florida to Washington with a 30 day temp from Oregon...) and follow every other law and hope for the best. Or the smallest tickets they give... Lol I do especially appreciate the input from the law enforcement... Oh, and bypass Cali and take the cold snow route through SE Oregon...
  2. Thank You guys for providing feedback! It seems to be beg forgiveness instead of ask for permission in this case... I am still seeking some legal advice locally before I commit to buying it and bringing it back cross country. But if anyone else has any suggestions or ideas or thoughts of waivers accepted Id Love to read them! Safe travels wished for you ALL! Scott
  3. Thanks Chalkie. I saw similar info by state in a different location but wondering how all these 42-45 footers are making it all around... Wondering if there are exceptions or? The 48 footer also has two steering axles for better mobility. The sellers I know took it 10k miles plus through the south and SE. I just haven't got an answer for reference yet...
  4. I am semi committed to purchasing a 1985 conversion coach that is 48 feet long and 13'6" height. It took quite some time to come to an agreement with the current owners and I researched height issues but not length until recently. Every state seems to have different legal rules concerning 40'+ motorhomes/ coaches. Anyone with 40' plus coach find good references/rules/guidance and advice I'd Love to hear your words. Thanks Much!
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