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  1. Thanks SWharton. I forgot about google mymaps, I have used it before, but it is still not really what I am looking for. I don't so much as want to find attractions or camps, as there are tons of apps for that. I was looking to plan the future - schedule in reservations and determine how much time and miles I have to get to the next commitment. Then where we stayed. I could blog it, but I really like the idea of a mapping tool to SEE it, then click on the way points and either see where we are going or reminisce about where we have been.
  2. Hi there, I tried searching threads and could not find this topic already (or at least it was not easy to find!) - what are the best trip planning tools? I am not really looking to map directions as much as plan locations and dates/length of stay. We have a couple places with reservations or obligations and want to fill in the blanks. I would also love to keep a history of our entire journey as well. Perhaps I am not using the escapees tool correctly, but I can't find any way to enter the details (dates or length of stay). Thank you!
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