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  1. Thanks for commenting Linda. We had not planned on them having seatbelts but now that you mention it, it might not be a bad idea. The seats that came out of the bus had no seatbelts. It is something for us to consider.
  2. This blog is continued from the beginning forum...…...as suggested by kb0zke...… We bought a school bus to do a modest conversion and not spend a fortune. We for sure know we will not turn a profit on this venture!! We in no way want to devote it or us to "full timers". The School Bus is a 1998 Thomas Built International with the DT 466E Diesel, Allison Auto Transmission, and weighs 25,500 pounds. It was a 24 passenger bus with a wheelchair lift. It now has 150, 050 miles on it and no telling how many more it will see. We are keeping it simple so it will have many uses, we are photographers and the plan is to use it for photoshoots on locations with the ability to stay overnight. The bus will also be used for weekend trips to wherever. The seats are all removed and 3/8" hardwood flooring has been installed. We have 4 beds that were used in the school's nurses office. These beds will be used for seating while traveling and for sleeping. We are accustomed to primitive camping so this will be an upgrade for sure. We will still use our camping gear, just not sleeping in the tent any longer. There will be a small pottie for those middle of the night "nature calls"!! We will be posting some before and after photos along the way. The journey continues!!
  3. Thanks for the welcome response! We purchased the 1998 Thomas Built School Bus DT466E yesterday. The seller had wanted to convert it to an RV but never finished it. It had been sitting for 2 years, he said he started it about once a month to let it warm up and just to run it. We did a trip inspection on it and it appeared to be road worthy and would pass state inspection. My wife and I were team drivers for an over the road freight company so we are accustomed to driving large vehicles and doing safety inspections. We had checked with Texas DMV and had the necessary documents to drive it home. The trip home was about 51 miles over Texas farm roads, no big deal right!! We were about 30 miles into the trip when we found out the fuel gauge was off by 1/4 tank. We found out the hard way as we were now sitting on the side of the road, out of fuel. Luckily we had 5 gallon fuel can and we were less than 1/2 mile from fuel. It isn't easy to get a rig running again after it has died out of fuel, but after an hour or so we were able to get it primed back up and running. The remainder of the trip went without incident other than the fact that its A/C unit wasn't working and it was 100 deg out. We now have it home and starting to put all the flooring down, which he had plenty of it!! The adventure continues!!
  4. Hello fellow escapees, today marks the first day of our conversion!! We're looking forward to talking to all you good folks about the adventure we have just begun!!!
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