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  1. Thanks Pat! I'll defenitley keep you in mind. I talk to much after a few beers so let the sea stories flow!
  2. Thanks Pat, great info. I retired after 20 last October and I've been working the second career since then. Saying that, I don't want to work anymore, especially here in DC. Budgeting properly, the wife and I can be debt free before we're 50 so we're working towards that in hopes to try the "full-time" thing at that point . I like to start planning in advance to allow cushion for when life gets in the way, as it always does.
  3. Geez what a pain. Thank you all for the info. Advice and recommendations. I think, unless I find an HDT already registered as an RV I'll be waiting until I get within a year of full timing (and running away from MD) before I buy an HDT. So in the meantime, what should I look for in a "before I fulltime" rig?
  4. I'm confused. In MD a Class B license is for a truck over 26,001 lbs only. Class A is for truck over 26,001 and trailer over 10,000. Also, why did you get a CDL when a MH/RV only requires a Non Commercial Class A or B. Lots more to the exam and skills test for a CDL vice a Non Commercial.
  5. Hi ARGO. PM sent. I'm located down south off of Rt. 4 in Saint Leonard.
  6. So, I've posted questions on some of the Facebook groups and found some advice, but much of that ended with "have you asked on the Escapees forum?" so here I am! Backstory: I am looking at an HDT (either a day cab or low/mid conventional sleeper) to pull a larger 5th wheel toy hauler. Price range is < $25,000 for the truck. I have neither the 5th wheel or truck, just doing research now as I look to make purchases in the next year or two. The plan is to get the rig before 2020, spend about 3 to 5 years setting it up/camping when time allows, and by or before 2025, sell up the stick
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