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  1. I have been sick for the past couple of days. The answer is yes. I am guessing our situation is more complicated then it sounds.
  2. Thank you. But, telling them will it cancel our warranty? Do we tell vehicle insurance we live full time also?
  3. I am hoping this isn't a redundant question. We have been full-timing for 1 year now but not without difficulty. We decided on TX as out domicile and switched everything over to TX. When we purchased our 5th wheel in California where we are originally from we were told from many people Dealers, auto insurance etc. that we do not tell anyone that we live in out 5th wheel full-time. Almost like it was taboo. We listened and didn't tell anyone we did. But, now we are in a predicament. We traveled back to California for the Holidays last year and since we were near where we purchased out trailer, we decided to get some warranty work done. In the process we found out that there was a major flaw in the suspension/axel of out trailer and that we could not travel in it until it was seen and fixed. We dropped our trailer off in March and they asked do we live in it full time, our response out of fear was no. We told them our home is in Texas. So we are left without our home and renting a mobile home for the time being. Can anyone help me figure out the guidelines on telling Dealers, Manufactures, insurance companies that you live in your RV full time? Has things changed from 2017 to now? Our trailer is a 2017. Can we tell them that we live in ours full time?
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