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  1. Ready to hook up & GO! Very Good Condition! Base Plate, Tow Bar, Invisibrake Supplemental Brake System, Diodes and all necessary wiring, Trailer Hitch, Good Tires! 105K miles, Very Well Maintained. $5000 Firm Call or Text (501) 318-8273
  2. Hello Fellow Nomads, We currently have a 2005 Coachmen on an E450 chassis. There is quite a bit of pressure in the fuel tank when I loosen the cap. Seems to be more when temps are higher or when I stop to fill the tank. I went to top off for weighing the other day and removed cap too fast and a small amount (maybe a cup full) came gushing out. Tank was about 7/8 full. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else had this experience with the E450. Our last motorhome, also an E450 chassis had a similar issue.
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