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  1. How do I close a topic I started?   Taxation w/o representation


  2. One of my park neighbors has Oregon plates on their 5th wheel. They leave it here all year, and they have been told they will have to register it in AZ, or pay AZ property tax. They are sorting that out.
  3. Thank you everyone who replied. I see no problem for myself. and of course when the weather warms up, we are always on the move.
  4. We are currently in Pinal county, AZ. I expect that whatever emergency service we need is funded by the local RV park. I pay water, sewage, trash, electric with the rent I pay. I pay the sales tax for whatever i purchase. If I cannot vote within the state, it seems to be unreasonable to tax me on income or property. And it is not legal to vote in more than one state. I suppose I could go home and only RV in my home state. Kinda silly!
  5. We spend about 4 months in AZ each winter, then when the weather warms we head out. Our RV park has been told by a local tax assessor office that they need to keep a record of when we are in the park and when we leave. Seems if we are in the state some number of days, AZ considers us to be residents and wants us to pay taxes. We don't vote here, but this sounds like a money grab for a state looking to rob us senior citizens. Anyone else hear of similar ploys?
  6. Here WeGo is a free App, works on IOS and Android, phones or Tablets. Tablet must have a GPS chip. Most Smart phones have a GPS. No subscription cost. You download the maps you want by state or North America or Ireland. Much or the worlds roads are available .Takes Memory (RAM). My phone has 64M, and I have the entire US, including Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta. You can remove maps selectively and re -add them later. Hope this answer you question. We used it extensively on our trip up the Alcan and around Alaska. Updates are no cost, just takes download time. I usually drop by the public library for big downloads.
  7. I glad you have something that works for you. Here WEeGo does not require internet or cell service. Google Maps allows you to download the map so neither Internet or cell service is required. The online service I mentioned when I started this thread is intended for truckers, but is so appropriate for large fifth-wheels or the larger motorhomes. I did not intend to raise anyone ire by saying my GPS is better than yours. All GPS units have short comings. I felt that the truckers route planner might be of interest to others. If I misunderstood your response, I apologize. Travel safe!
  8. First time going to Branson, MO RV park, GPS had us exit and led on on miles of narrow winding roads, low trees. We later learned that we could have gone two miles farther and had a major hiway. So I then started using Google maps to preview my routes. Next time we were in Oregon headed to the Pacific coast and the 7 inch designed for RVs GPS kept telling me to U-turn or turn off on some small road. Since I had already previewed the route, I continued. We drove thru a tunnel, and the unit screamed at me that I had violated a weight limit over a bridge. The power connector subsequently broke and I never replaced it. Now I use a Samsung 10" tablet with a GPS chip. This allows me to use two GPS software programs simultaneously. I use Here Wego and Google Maps. Between the two, I find my way very well in new areas. What they lacked, this trip router fills in, My Rand McNally was an early version, so newer units may be improved over the one I had.
  9. May 14, 2018 Suitable for motorhomes with toads and fithwheelers. Perhaps others have already seen this, but I just found http://truckrouter.com/, which is in beta. It is online software, you have to say you are a truck trailer, but then enter your weight, length, height. Enter your start, any way-points, and your destination. This was of value to me as I planned on Cloudcroft, NM. Hwy 82 out of Cloudcroft towards Alamogordo, NM descends over 5000' in just 16 miles and includes a tunnel. Whoopee! So this software provided an alternative route that is truck friendly. My prior GPS from Rand McNally was supposed to help with this, but I found it to be untrustworthy.
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