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  1. I just insured my Sport Chassis here in Fort Worth under a personal policy with Stat e Farm. Then I had them quote everything I own and they ended up with all my business. Then the rate on the Sport Chassis went down. Very nice people to work with. Id be happy to share contact info if anyone is interested.
  2. The opening is 65" and the gasket looks excellent. We live in Fort Worth, but hope to be back on the road by June 1.
  3. Would have been a good idea to add that. I'm just North of Fort Worth. The box is polished aluminum diamond plate. It is 74 inches long, 21 inches wide at the bottom, and 34 inches tall. The lid area slants about halfway up the box, and the top is 11 inches wide. I'll post a couple of pictures in a little while.
  4. Off of my 2012 Sportchassis. In great condition. Asking $750.00
  5. sbpierce

    Do I want an MRV

    I have an F 350 SRW 2017 that has never failed me. I am wirhin 3 to 5 hundred pounds over or above at weigh on the truck. 18,000 lb trailer, 2800 lb on the hitch. I am thinking an MRI would be a relief. Tons of mountain driving. Six to eight months in the rig a year. Any ideas
  6. That's the same trailer I took my test with. That's why I drug it up to Vernon for the driving test. A touch less intense driving around Vernon.
  7. I was required to take the chapter 6 test for the class A, and was shown the memo dated 5/20/18 that informed the offices of the new directive. I studied 3 hours, learned some new things, and got 20 out of 20 correct. And I have nowhere near a photographic memory.
  8. This is true. I have a 5th wheel and was required to take the chapter 6 test. There is more than air brakes in chapter 6, and the more knowledge the better I guess. With some of the driving I've seen lately with coaches and big 5th wheels, I've become an advocate of the RV CDL.
  9. I bought the On The Go 8000 grain (small) water filter in August during a route thru Idaho, and it works amazingly well. Probably the size of a scuba rank, and fits in the well in the front of my basement. Test water with the strip at every site before making the decision to put it inline or not. Have run 6 to 8 hundred gallons thru it and water still shows super soft. Southern Colorado water went from as hard as could register to nil.
  10. The system works exactly as you describe. I was given a slip of paper after my 2nd test with the link and instructions. After booking my original drive test, I did the following: Booked my original appointment Cancelled my original appointment Rescheduled my appointment Continually checked for better appointments and changed when available Searched other offices for better appointments Cancelled appointment and rescheduled at another office for more optimal time. The system works amazingly well, and changes as soon as someone else cancels their appointmen
  11. I used 2 or 3 sites, and the best one had 100 question tests. The questions were identical. Unfortunately, I won't have access to that computer for a few days. I will update ASAP. A Google search of 100 question TX combination test might show some results. On another note, I took my driving test in Vernon last week. It was a very positive experience, and I highly recommend it if convenient. Sharon is the only employee in the office and does everything, and does it well.
  12. The test was twenty questions and I believe you have the same 8 hours allowed. The minimum score is 70%. The online study guide makes it a breeze. I got a 100 in less than 10 minutes.
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