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  1. Can't answer either question but I will find out. But the bulb was pulling approx 1.3 A. I checked it with a multimeter. With that switch off and the battery switch off I am pull 0.00 Amps.
  2. Ok the mystery is solved! You can all call me Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation! If you remember the scene where he is checking every connection and bulb to determine what is shorting his lights out only to find thst someone keeps flipping the switch off. It turns out it was the light inside the generator compartment!! Who would think one light could pull so much amperage? Again..thank you all for all your input and help. Actually I am considering it a nice education!
  3. Update: Well We'll...we may have a breakthrough!! The new batteries have been marked as defective from the manufacturer. On the surface this seems to obviously be the problem. However I'm still going to remain a bit skeptical. While I'm hoping this is it, it still seems somewhat of a coincidence that the new batteries mimicked the old ones exactly. I have not had a chance to put a meter on anything yet. I did check the breakaway and it was not pulled however it did look very dried out and the tape was very worn. In any case I certainly appreciate everyone's help in solving this mystery!
  4. Thanks Kirk I will heed your advice!
  5. Dave..I brought the new batteries back to where I purchased them.They are going to recharge them. They said to put a meter between the cable and post with the battery switch off. If you see a significant draw start pulling fuses to see which one stops the draw. This should help narrow it down..I hope!
  6. Thanks for the reply John. But I don't think it's anything normal. I had the coach sitting for about 3 weeks with no issues with drain. I hooked up a 3000 watt generator and ran a few things..everything worked fine. One week later batteries are dead. I replaced them and within 5 days new ones are dead. This is too strange to be a normal drain.
  7. I had a set of old 7 year old batteries 8n my 5er that were working fine. I put it in storage with the switch off for 2 weeks and they were completely dead. When I replaced them I checked the meter inside the coach and it read 12.5. Five days later it read 11.5. Can something be draining them even with the switch off?
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