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  1. Congrats on the new coach. You will LOVE your Tiffin. Enjoy the adventure and don't be in a hurry to "get there" but enjoy the trip getting there.
  2. A couple of points. First Tiffin does in fact make a class c called the wayfarer https://tiffinmotorhomes.com/class-c/wayfarer and well worth the look. As to auto level. We had a class C (Dynamax Isata 3) for 18 months of so and it did not have a leveling system. We used the "leggo" blocks and in the 10 months we traveled in it there was only one time we could not get level with the blocks. They are pretty easy to use and not too much of a hassle. We thought about adding a system but decided not to secondary to the cost. Our new Class A has the auto system and I must say it is nice to have on the much larger rig. Good luck
  3. How many of these million nomads are set up as a permanent resident in a park forever and are actually just the same as trailer park living but in an RV. Some of these never move for years on end. I find it hard to include these folks as RVers or Nomads but rather just another form or permanent home living.
  4. We have been using the T-Mobile 55+ plan for a year now and pretty happy with it. Some rural coverage not very good but.... The plan give us unlimited data though they will throttle you back at times (still good enough to stream). We burn through about 60-80gigs of data a month each. The cost is $70 a month for both phones. A pretty good deal. You may have to hunt their web site to find the 55+ plan and at least the primary account has to be at least 55 years old. And the plan allows tethering. Momdoc
  5. We have been using Ameritrade for years with no problems. This includes 12 years living out of the country and 2 years in the RV most of the time with NO physical US address for now over 13 years. We also never put PMB on our address but rather #
  6. Probably the most important family holiday of the year. ALL YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!
  7. Most dealers will give you a temporary tag, for us it was 7 days when purchased in MS others are up to 14 days or more, and you have to register the vehicle in your home state buy then.
  8. WE got an excellent rate this spring using Alliant credit union (very easy to join)
  9. Welcome, the learning curve is long but usually only steep in the beginning. Good luck
  10. I like your planning. Very similar to our situation. Love the retired life!
  11. Florida keys for us over new years weekend. Paid $100+ for the worst campground we have ever stayed in (Kings Kamp). NEVER again!
  12. Don't worry about it. There are lots of single RV travelers and we meet some almost in every campsite we have been in. I don't think anyone really cares one way or another but rather judge you on who your "are". To us single, married, white , black, yellow, green, rich, poor, old, young all means a hill of beans. Who you are defines you and defines if you are accepted or not. Enjoy the adventure.
  13. Politics aside the online systems are broken. I cannot count the number of times we were either closed out of a campground (full no sites available) or able to reserve basically the last sight available only to arrive at the campground with numerous empty sites. Folks either don't show up or cancel their reservation and it never gets "put" back in to inventory. There has to be a better system.
  14. So what do you do??? Store them in a safety deposit box in a bank near by the crossing???
  15. Right now we are at our home in the Dominican Republic. Here is it HOT (mid 90s), Humid (75% or more every day) and DRY. We have had no real rain here in 3 months and the gardens are not doing well. Thankfully we leave (have been here for 4 weeks this time) Sunday for the mountains of NC and on up the east coast for 4 months or so. momdoc
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