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  1. Thanks. I knew that the two are different, just uncertain if county would treat it so. But you're right, since they listed it on driver license, should be good. Accordingly, will leave Block 3a blank and see if they squawk.
  2. We actually just left Collier Memorial State Park in Chiloquin, where we stayed for 2 weeks in full hook up site, and used it as base for area, which included 3 day trips to Crater Lake (50 minutes drive to rim.) (Made those reservations 6 months in advance.) While there, we also drove by Diamond Lake RV park, and thought it would be good, closer alternative. Some considerations: In June BOTH parks, and whole Klamath Basin area, is overrun with mosquitoes! Collier sprays maybe 1x per week, which knocks them down locally for couple days. Locals advised that once mosquitoes go, black flies move in, so...hey, your camping, come prepared! Our screen house was welcome respite at Collier. At moment, east side road around Crater Lake still closed due to snow, as are most trails...unless you are snowshoeing. Limits your activities then. But, 11 mile trail around Diamond Lake is gorgeous, open, and good for biking...bring DEET! There is are no decent grocery stores near Collier, so restocking is a 35 or more minute drive to Klamath Falls. Situation probably worse at Diamond Lake. Number of other interesting things to do near Collier, like the adjacent logging museum, and incredible Train Mountain Museum site. Check it out on campground reviews.com.
  3. Thank you all that responded so far. And it looks likes definitive answer is still...unknown, lol. Or at minimum, might vary by county. I guess most folks here did it so long ago, they don't recall what went into that specific block of form. My SD license address is the Box Elder Escapees mailbox address, so that can't (or shouldn't) be correct-myself, I equate that to a P.O. box. Question is, does Pennington County also consider that a PO Box? The campground address I used for proof for Residency Affidavit makes sense, and I'm now leaning that way. No answer from party e-mail yet, I'll share that here if/when I get one.
  4. Hi folks, a small question for those full-timers that established domiciles in South Dakota (SD)... and one that I can't find clear answer to on either SD Secretary of State Voter information web page, or on Escapee's domicile guidance page (oddly). We became full-timers just over year ago, and set up SD as our domicile state (using Escapees Box Elder mail address as "residence".) Did all the necessary stuff at that time, including Residence Affidavit, and obtained both driver's licenses and vehicle registrations. However, we deferred completing Voter Registrations at that time, and now would like to. I used the Box Elder address as the residence address, but block 3a on form says that if residence address listed is a PO Box (or rural box, or general delivery), that I must give the location of my residence. So... what have folks done that works? I'm inclined to write in something like "Full-time RV'ing, Residency Affidavit previously filed" or the like, but would like something more definitive...or at least as definitive as an on-line forum can be, heh. (Have separately sent inquiry to my SD party of choice e-mail address listed on Escapees main site, and awaiting reply. Thanks!
  5. Hi, we have spent last 11 days over in St Mary's on east side of Glacier, now in Hungry Horse on West side. What you probably want to know is that Going to the Sun road is CLOSED on West side from Apgar entrance up to Logan Pass due to fire. It is open only on east side from St. Mary's to Logan Pass. Apgar visitor center on West side is open...but there is precious little you can do and access on West side at this time. Some glimmer of good news, they lifted the evacuation warning for Apgar Village yesterday, so guess they are confident of no fire growth in that direction. No indication that Going to the Sun Road will be open anytime soon though, sadly. As prior poster said, check Park web site for most current info, and the Inciweb site for all Western fire info. Howe Ridge fire is one to check in GNP.
  6. Congrats... neighbor! Lol, we are camped for another week in Rapid City after doing much the same. No regrets about spending 2 weeks here, so much to do in surrounding area.
  7. We officially joined the 2018 Class on May 29th, a little late to update. House sold without a hitch, and now 24 days and 7 campgrounds under our wheels, en route to Rapid City, SD to get driver's licenses, etc. squared away. No regrets in the early going, all systems are green. Will say that I was glad to have made all my camping reservations some time ago, as many campgrounds we have stayed at have been full on weekends.
  8. Well, it's getting real for us... Put house on market last week, and it sold in one day! Tentative settlement May 30th, so if all goes accordingly to plan, we will be spending our first night of full-time life in local state park May 29th. Just mailed in paperwork for Escapees mail service with domicile in South Dakota. Now to finish the last 10% of getting rid of "stuff" and figure out where we will be camping!
  9. Hi Folks First post, happy to say that my wife and I (and our 9 year old, 80-pound Labrador/Doberman) are planning to join the full-time class of 2018 this Spring! A year later than we originally planned, but life got in way, in form of getting last kid out of college and a knee replacement. Have been downsizing house stuff drastically for over 2 years, and expect to list house in a couple weeks, Been Escapees members about a year, lurked in forums off and on. After 4 years of using a 20 ft travel trailer, last year we moved up to our planned full-time rig, a 2017 33-foot Grand Design fifth wheel, and logged 9 weeks in it in 2017. Took advantage of a roving Escapees Smart-Weigh service at a owner's rally camping trip last Fall (well worth it IMHO!) and happily found we are in good shape there. Already have winter reservations for 2018-2019, and depending on timing of house sale, may attend Escapade this year. Still deciding on SD vs Texas for domicile state, plan to decide this week and get mail service set up. Norm, Mary Ann, and Bandit
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