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  1. Y'all haven't disappointed so thanks for the feedback. You're all spot in that it's a risk-based decision, the chance a claimable repairs over the course of the warranty period versus the total cost of the warranty and the deductibles. Will it pay out? We never know for sure, much like our homeowners insurance, car insurance, or health insurance. In the end, we decided to go with the Wholesale Warranties coverage as "insurance" to facilitate a smooth trip should we need it. Given we're brand new to RVing, going straight into FT for a year-long trip around the country (with a 5 year old and two dogs), and the fact I have little mechanical experience at all, it felt like reasonable insurance for ~$85/month. Will it pay out? I don't know but I'm keeping detailed records of every cost of this trip and will report back on our experience. I really do appreciate all of the feedback and look forward to much more continued interaction as we hopefully meet many of you out on the road.
  2. I really do appreciate all of the feedback. I didn't expect a clear 100% yes or 100% no so y'all delivered on that I ended up buying the unit on Friday afternoon and I'm stoked! The unit was purchased from Bankston RV in Hunstville, AL and driven home to Houston over the weekend. Nothing like 800+ miles my first time behind the wheel of a 41 footer The third party inspector scheduled through Wholesale Warranties was pretty impressed, said it's basically a new unit with no obvious signs of wear on anything. Overall that makes me feel pretty good, plus buying it from a dealership that's been there since 1970 and from a family-owned manufacturer that's been around as long. Gotta be honest though, I'm still going back and forth on the insurance policy of the coach only coverage given we'll be FT for a year and I'm no mechanic. Hmmm, decisions, decisions...
  3. New to the forum and looking for advice on additional 3rd party warranty. My wife and I are getting ready to go FT for a year with our daughter (4.5 yo) and travel all over the US. Yeah...to say we're excited is an understatement! We're extremely fortunate to be able to do this at this age with our daughter and can't wait for her to learn through doing as we travel. We're looking at a 2017 Tiffin Phaeton 40QKH with 9,900 miles on it which means ~1.5 yrs or 26K miles of warranty remaining from Tiffin. Given that we'll be FT for a solid year, likely 15K+ miles over that time, what do y'all think about additional warranty? I've researched a bit here and elsewhere. I've already received a coach only quote from Wholesale Warranty (thanks for the tips!) as well as Star RV quoted through the dealership finance department. Obviously the dealer gets a bit using their preferred warranty company. So if an additional warranty is going to cost $3-4K for 3-4 years of coverage, what do those of you with experience think? I can pocket the cash (in savings) for a rainy day or spend a bit for peace of mind. Any and all advice greatly appreciated!
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