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  1. My husband works 40 hours per week at a full time job, but remotely from our home. I've found lots of information from people that are consultants and don't have stereotypical 9-5 job full-time RVing. I was curious if there was anyone that did have that type of a job and could make it work travelling full-time as well? We already have a travel trailer that we use for vacation and weekend getaways. We took at 2 week trip from GA to Maine and back. We didn't have to work though and were on vacation. We just used our cells and tried to disconnect from the internet as much as we could since it was vacation. However, if we were living full time we would probably have to have both a Verizon and ATT internet device. We would need 1 solely for my husbands work bandwidth utilization. Does anyone actually do this, or know of anyone that does, or is this my far fetched dream of being able to make it work?
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