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  1. An overview of the OCP system can be found at oceancanyon.com. There are numerous parks throughout the south. We always enjoy our stay at any of them, each being different is their unique way.
  2. Best of luck on the transfer Phil. We love Tres Rios, but don't get down that way often enough after moving to Little Rock. It's our home park too. Of course you know that membership can also be used for the cabins I believe, even if you don't have an RV.
  3. Any of the auto portable dish systems will work great. I have the Winegard Pathway X2 which is the largest portable antenna on the market and a Wally. Depending on your chosen package....I don't think that local channels are included unless you opt for those. On the cheapest package (that I have had activated in the past) local channels are an extra $12/mo which I didn't opt for.
  4. Thank you. That's too much ($320). I appreciate your time. And for some reason I had thought this was the Nighthawk model.
  5. Sorry, I didn't get a reply msg alert. Of course I would pay. I would need some kind of estimate of cost though...before I would commit. Thanks.
  6. FYI Bill N Sue, it could still be used with dogbone adapter.
  7. Sure would like to have that tow bar. Don't suppose you would consider shipping to 72116? Thanks.
  8. Hi. I see to sign up for this event the payment is prepaid (or at the least 1/2 of total). Since this is a year away, may I ask what might be the best timeframe to signup for this and still be assured a slot? Being not to tie up funds for a whole year. Thanks.
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