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  1. Thanks to everyone for your helpful information, and for clarifying domicile vs. change of address.
  2. We have not ordered the motorhome nor have we put the house up for sale yet, but we are only 2 months from doing both. Do we need to wait until we do those two tasks before we set up our domicile and begin the change of address process? I’ve seen some posts about changing address a few months before hitting the road. I worry about applying for financing and insurance, or closing on a house while changing addresses. Thoughts? Greatly appreciate it. ‘Thanks
  3. Thanks to everyone for your very helpful insights and opinions. We completed our spec sheet and just received the 2019 prices from Tiffin. Now we can email the dealers the spec sheet and ask each for a quote. A few months to go and maybe we’ll see you on the road in the future!😀
  4. We are about to purchase a Tiffin Phaeton. Should we: Visit multiple dealers and ask them to give us a quote? Pick a dealer close to home who doesn’t specialize in Tiffins (which will be moot after a time since we’ll be full-timers and won’t have a local home anymore)? Pick a dealer based on reputation who is in a different state but very close to the Tiffin plant (about 15 hours away from our current home)? What would you do? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks. Too bad there aren’t many RV options in an area that is so historic and attracts many tourists. Looks like a great opportunity for someone with the right entrepreneurial spirit. 🤑
  6. Thanks, we looked up Campus Park & Ride. Looks like a great option.
  7. Thanks, trailertraveler, this is all good to know. Thanks for the boondocking sites. We'll check into them.
  8. Thanks for the info. Some of the campgrounds close by November and we may need to come after that. Ultimately, we’d love to find a private home that would be willing to host us...near Norristown.
  9. Thanks for the info. We are northwest of the city, near Norristown, Pa.
  10. We will be purchasing a Tiffin 2018 Phaeton (40 ft.) this year and riding off into the sunset! When we come back to the Philadelphia area to visit family, we’d like to find someone or someplace that we can stay on the property in our motorhome while visiting. Of course we’d be willing to pay, especially if we can connect to electricity (water and dump is not necessary). I don’t think there are many overnight campgrounds in the Philadelphia area. Is it possible to find someone with a bit of land who would let us park for a bit? Are there township restrictions? What do others do in a similar situation? Would love to hear from others about this. Thanks.
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