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  1. Thank you, Kirk, for sharing more of your story-- and this wise insight.
  2. Many RVers seem to choose an affectionate name for their motorhome, 5th-wheel, trailer, or van. Have you done this? If so, what kind of RV do you have, and what is it's name?
  3. Agreed. With all the places/things to see out there, how could one grow bored? Unless you're living in a fixed location, as I currently am.
  4. Laughing... I can sure relate to that feeling! I experience it every time I come home from a road trip. I just keep itching to get back on the road. It's good to hear that you folks felt this, too, and that it helped prompt you to get out there for good.
  5. Hi Kirk, 24 years ago my parents and I full-timed in a 5th-wheel for 13-1/2 months. We were relocating to another state and by living this way were able to take our time finding the right house. (Along the way we agreed that we'd like to continue the full-time lifestyle, loving the freedom and care-free aspect of it. But we eventually succumbed to stick-and-brick living again because Mom and Dad had a large collection of lovely furniture and artwork in storage that was a 25-year accumulation. Sound familiar to anyone?) My beloved parents are both gone now, as are their beautiful possessions. I deeply respected their lifestyle choice but chose a different (minimalist) path for myself. Even if they were still alive, I believe they would support my RV lifestyle choice. My older brother fully understands my wanderlust spirit, as he's very similar. He once lived in a motorhome and thoroughly enjoyed it, but has since married a woman who refuses to live that lifestyle, so he stays put, feeling stuck. That's okay. It sometimes happens. Bless his heart-- he's very supportive of my choice to live on the road, continuing his dream through me. It's most of my friends who are having a hard time understanding it. RVing on a vacation? You bet. But purchasing an RV to live in full-time seems like an unwise expenditure of one's savings and a pipe-dream of a lifestyle. There still seems to be a prevailing belief that success is settling down, buying property, and progressing with a successful career. So that's my story. I've been curious about your stories, what it's been like for you, and how each of you started out. I've already been appreciating what folks have shared here.
  6. Hey Friends! When you made the decision to RV full-time, how did you break the news to your family and friends? Did your lifestyle choice make sense to them? And if not, how did you handle any opposition?
  7. Yes, we should be friends! It sounds like we're quite similar. And like your friend, I'd probably fit into the category of spartan minimalist (everything I own fits in my Suburu). You brought up some very good thoughts about the advantages of your truck camper (the ease of having your 1-ton truck worked on without your "home" being in the shop-- that's a huge one!!). And I do like the 4x4 and high clearance. (I've always been a pickup truck gal.) As a single woman, have you experienced anything harrowing while camping that made it frightening to leave your living quarters and go outside to access your truck?
  8. That's a truly helpful consideration, Pat & Pete. Thank you!
  9. Thanks Jay. Yes, I've thought about having to go outside a truck camper to access one's living quarters-- and that makes me slightly nervous. I'm a true minimalist (everything I own fits in my Suburu), and I've driven a 1-ton extended cab dually with a 5th-wheel trailer, so either a van or truck camper would be easy for me to operate. I guess it's the self-containment aspect that I'm trying to figure out. Haha. So are you voting for the van?
  10. Yarome, would you say that a 1-ton truck can handle all that weight without stressing the frame? I've always kinda wondered that, as I've seen several that seem to droop a bit under their top-heavy load. But I really like all the truck camper advantages that you mentioned here.
  11. Exactly! That's what I'm trying to avoid.
  12. Hi Linda. Your previous van, which you linked above, is beautiful!! And such low mileage! I'm not in the position to be able to afford such a lovely, new rig at this time. But I'm glad I got to see it. Very nice! You said some things here that I found helpful. It's inspiring that you were able to camp in forests and deserts even with the limited ground clearance. I like the way that you moved around a lot (that is my style, too), and how you did errands on the way to your next destination. This is a sound mindset to adopt. The solar panels make a world of difference, don't they? I liked, too, your mention of seldom having to worry about low tree branches. That's a benefit of van life that hadn't even crossed my mind.
  13. You had some really helpful thoughts here. Thank you! The winch is a terrific idea! I'm glad you mentioned that. What kind of after-market items would control the top-heaviness of a truck camper? It's good to know that these exist. I hadn't even been aware of that. What are they called?
  14. Thanks for these thoughts, Jcussen.
  15. An Airstream was my original decision. I changed my mind along the way, opting for the simplicity and fast get-away ability that vans and campers offer. Back in my 20s I full-timed with my parents in a 5th wheel for 13-1/2 months. We were relocating to another state and camped along the way while leisurely searching for our new home. But during the ensuing 20 years of "stick and brick" living, I've been itching to return to RV living. I loved it. I was the family driver and the one who set up and broke down camp. There was a lot that I liked about our trailer. My parents are now gone, and this time I'm hitting the road alone. I guess I'm a little spooked about being in a trailer, unhitched and all, should someone menacing come creeping along. That may be an illogical concern, however. Do you feel that a trailer's pros outweigh its cons?
  16. Actually, I had long planned on buying an Airstream due to their durability and longevity. Then somewhere along the line I changed gears, deciding that a van or truck camper would be simpler-- and easier for me, as a single woman, to get away quickly if a sketchy situation presented itself. Do you guys think I'm heading the wrong direction with this line of thinking, though? Trailers definitely have some advantages.
  17. Thank you, fellow kitty folks, for such thoughtful, kind responses and (often heartwarming) stories. I've read your posts thoroughly and given thought to all of them. Each was helpful in its own way. You've inspired me. And Shawnee, my Siamese, is relaxing upside down in my arm, watching me, purring and delightfully content, while I'm at the table on my laptop. It's like he knows that I'm reading about cats. Laughing, but true.
  18. Hi friends! What are your thoughts on a van vs. a truck camper for full-time RVing? I'm a single, minimalist gal who spends most of my time in the woods. What, would you say, are the pros/cons of a van vs. a self-contained camper on a 1-ton pickup?
  19. This is sad, but good information to know. Thank you for sharing!
  20. Hi everyone! I'm brand-new to Escapees, and am grateful to be joining you. I have a beloved Siamese who is already a good traveler, having crossed the US with me 11 times. But as I prepare for full-time RVing, I'm questioning whether it would be a fair life for him to go from a 350 sq. ft. apartment to a smaller Airstream or a van. Though, at 14, he's not as active as he once was, he does enjoy a good romp around the place each day. Should I stay put until he's lived out his natural life? I'm very, very attached to him (as a single woman, he's my family), so I'm more than willing to wait, if that is the kind thing to do. In fact, I'm a few years off from hitting the road anyway, working to save for a rig. Full-time RVers who are cat owners, please share with me your experiences. Has it been challenging to find quality cat food, litter, and veterinary care while on the road? Does your cat stay comfortable and content? And when your beloved kitty passes, do you plan to get another one, or do you think you'll remain pet-free?
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