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  1. Showme

    Brake relay valve

    Check foot valve to make sure it has returned to top of stroke.
  2. Showme


    The air heaters on Volvo engines, may come apart and be digested by the engine. Bad day when that happens. Just saying if apiece of the air heater grid comes off and is sucked into a cylinder hitting the injector tip, that would be the connection between the two codes. Pull the intake hose and four bolts holding the grid heater, do a close visual inspection, looking for any missing or loose pieces. Cover the air inlet manifold while doing your inspection, don't want anything to fall into the air inlet.
  3. Please send pics to dhahn51@gmail.com and contact info to same.
  4. What is the transmission? If it is an overdrive the rears may work without mods.
  5. Truck still for sale?

  6. Combination truck and trailer for sale. 1998 Volvo plus 2003 King of the Road RV set up to pull double. HDT is registered as a 2011 RV in the state of Missouri. Custom built bed, new paint, extensive repairs performed by my shop on truck. Truck has 900k on Volvo VED12 engine. Super 10 manual transmission, singled short. New steering and trailer tires. Email or PM for more photos and a list of repairs and upgrades to unit. As a mechanic working service on heavy equipment, I have made every repair the rig needed to be road ready. At this time I just don't have time to use it plus the doc s
  7. Showme

    Volvo engines

    Volvo engines with my limited knowledge of owning one, seems to be a well build engine. I run a VED12 preemissions Volvo engine with 900k mileage, runs good without excessive blowby, and good oil pressure. My feedback from local Volvo dealer if engine runs past 500k it will likely run 1.5 million. Some engines had issues with vibration dampers that failed prior to 500k. From years 2004 thru 2014 when emissions were tightened with, egr, dpf, and def all that caused a lot of problems. Most fleets are now moving those trucks to auction. Stay away from International Maxforce engines, you can buy
  8. A small amount of water and gunk on the forward right filter would not concern me, checked mine before heading out this weekend. About a 1/4 In in the bottom of the glass bowl, above freezing all is good. If you drain the bottom of your primary filter to remove water/gunk be prepared to refill loss fuel by the plug on the top. Even by refilling the filter from the top plug, there will still be air in the inlet line, loss vacuum on the inlet and fuel returned to tank. The ved12 will start and with luck, or by holding rpm at 1000 till the air is purge, you are good to go. You will know by when t
  9. Spell check is not my friend. Spent a lot of time pulling wrenches and not much time typing on a screen. Lol
  10. Proper connection between the batteries is so important. I have used greased on terminals and recently read not to. Have had an issue with bad connivectivy and last time decided to use a spray protestant. I think the real answer is just to remove the cables annually and clean them as part of a preveventive maintenance.
  11. Showme

    Not level

    Measure all four frame corners, air bags deflated, and again air bags inflated. Six inches at the front frame rails, usually means a broke spring, most are leaf springs front air bags rear. Measuring a cab or bumper is not a good indicator of suspension. Post back results and will try to help.
  12. First remove and clean all cable connections. A good slow charge will sometimes bring back weak batteries. In a parrell connection such as four 12 volts hooked in like politary, all batteries should charge if the connections are clean. Where the problems starts is dirty terminals and increased resistance does not allow all four batteries to charge equally.
  13. Looking over your profile, I did not see info about your truck specs, so just a quick quess. If the real axle has been changed and was misaligned with the front axle, check pinion angle to drive shaft. Spicerparts.com has a driveline angle calculator on there website. Google, driveline angle for instructions on checking driveline angles. Digital angle levels are available from Lowe's or Home Depot. Donot have enough space available for complete how to instructions on driveline angles but it is all available online. All driveshaft will have some bend or wave within manufacture spec, so s
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