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  1. Dehumidifier, check! Now the other raise question. Does anyone have a quit thought on keeping the way bay warm. My father has a foretravel motor home, he keeps a heater down there, others have said heat wrap is the way to go. I was thinking about tapping into the central air to keep this area above freezing temperatures?
  2. Thanks oldbutspry, We have actually been watching these two and are about to take the same path, except the land part. Where we currently live, I can't justify completing a project as such and loving it. With a split family I need to stay in a small town til the chitlins are through with school
  3. Our small problem with this is not having a permanent spot to place this as well as in the end treating it as an investment to be used for travel in the future
  4. Thank you Kirk, Currently it's going on a piece of land being developed later for a larger garage for trailers. There will be logistics (water, sewer, electrical) provided. Currently this is all in the name of research, so it's a pretty steep learning curve of information to help better understand the road ahead. The plan is to stay in this thing for up to 3 yrs while we either build a home or try a tiny house, either way it's a gateway step to see how small of space one can actually survive in efficiently. And so far we learning the heating/keeping full function of the rv is p
  5. Thank you for the reply, Sadly this wont be a travel trailer, more of a temporary home. I've read so many "horror" stories about RV life in cold weather, lived in SD for over 6yrs now and am acclimatized to the temperatures, but would like to avoid a frozen wet well, sewer or water lines. i understand heat wrap can help, but again someones input can help if they've experienced these problems them-self.
  6. Sorry for the re post, had this in the wrong catagory.. Hi all, My co-parent and I are giving up the tied down life style of a house and are looking at 5th wheels as an option. We both have looked at plenty of campers, brands, floor plans, etc.... Alot have asked this question in this forum so i'll be honest, our budget is around 20k, 30k being very generous. I understand the whole arctic/ four season packages will be to our advantage as is siding etc, but our biggest problem is an exact brand to look after, and like everyone else on the web we'll take our shot at lis
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