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  1. Same question. Is this still for sale!
  2. Is this still available... and are you in Fla. yet?
  3. This could be my bad. I did research and the only Prime I found was electric. As intriguing as that was the electric range was a whole 58 miles. After your reply I found the gas versions. I am guessing this car has heated seats, sunroof. ....leather. Just tell me it is not a black exterior. we are headed to Fall a creek Falls from 7-14 October. Coming up from Houston.. daryl
  4. Did some research on the smart prime. Not enough range for me sorry. Good luck.
  5. I am in Houston area too. Do you still have the Subaru... and would you consider splitting them up. Already have my C sprinter. daryl 281-420-7495
  6. Heading to Tennessee next week. Can you send some pics of the car?
  7. Would love to discuss this vehicle if it is still available
  8. Where is the car located?
  9. Would love to discuss this car if it is still available. daryl 281-420-7495 Texas
  10. Where are you located. I have a sprinter based Coachman Prism and this could work for me.
  11. I am not in a great hurry. Are you heading back this way anytime soon?
  12. Is this vehicle able to be flat towed. Manual transmission. I live in the Houston area and would like to know more if it is still available.
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