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  1. Ok, I'm starting to see the light. HDT + 5er: A bit more space than a large RV. More homey feel than large RV, maybe due to high ceilings and overall proportions. Safer than most RVs, in terms of crash testing. Ultimately way cheaper apples to apples with a top of the line DP, even compared to top of line 5er and new HDT. I've spent a good amount of time on rvhaulers site and youtube channel (thanks, Jack!), and have a good understanding of what you get dollar for dollar on a properly set up HDT. So, that begs the question: Why do a high end DP and toad? Curious is what the pluses are with that set-up, now I've come full circle. A larger toad, easily a four seater, is one plus. Access to facilities and moving around room when traveling is another. Anything else?
  2. Lost in the bureaucratic maze of the Pennsylvania DMV. No one I speak to there seems to know how to obtain a NON-commercial Class A. All they know is CDL. This is all I can find on their website: http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Driver-Services/Driver-Information/License-Types/Pages/default.aspx Anyone here know the steps I need to take to get this license? Todd
  3. Interesting. So since you've done both, what changed in your lifestyle that made the 5er better in the past and the MH better now? Thanks to everyone who has chimed in on this thread, it has been very enlightening to me. Todd
  4. OK, so what you are saying is that it is price that pushes people to the HDT/5er combo. Nothing to do with functionality (other than maybe the more homey feeling)? In a tandem config? Obviously that is a state by state consideration regarding legality...
  5. I posted this same question on another RV forum and they directed me here to get the scoop. I'm currently a 17k GVWR 5er with a 1 ton pickup, and maybe someday doing the full time gig: Just curious why the 22k+ GVWR class of 5er exists?When you get to that weight of a 5er, a 1 ton is being pushed to its limit and you start seeing Heavy Duty cabs towing them with on-board Smart Cars (as you guys here know).What is the allure of that size of 5er over a full feature Class A?Combined price would be about the same, comparing new to new or used to used. Square footage about the same.But dealing with the toad has to be a ton easier with the Class A, as well as the ability to have a larger toad (can't load up a Jeep on the back of an HD cab).I love doing online tours of these Luxe, DRV, New Horizons, and Landmark 5ers, but since they really are pushing the capability of a pickup, I wonder in what areas these trailers really have an advantage over a full feature Class A setup? Thanks for any insight, Todd
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