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  1. Thx, aware of all the above. Figured I'd try building from bottom up and see where it leads me. Been looking at Solitudes, Redwood, Drv mobile suites, Luxe, Montana and New Horizons. In no particular order.
  2. Thx In no particular order, I'm looking at GD solitude, DRV mobile suite, Redwood, New Horizon, Luxe, Montana. All have floor plans we can live with. Now it's more about the quality of components used.
  3. Starting to research 5th wheels. I'm following the advice of many to focus on the build first, not the bells and whistles. I'm trying to find information on comparisons of frames and suspensions available. Tried searching but no luck. Thanks Alan
  4. Sounds like good advice. We have a long way to go before we decide on anything. Good possibility we change our minds a few times by the time we get there.
  5. Anyone RVing just to go to music festivals / shows around the country?
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out. I noticed your username, how's RVing and fly fishing? It's one of the draws for me to start this up. Any tips would be great. Would love to be able to pull up to a nice stream and stay for a bit.
  7. Thanks to all for your advice and opinions. It's definitely going to be a process to figure it all out. We now have the fall/winter to continue our research, read the boards, visit dealers and shows in our area. Looking forward to testing the waters in the spring. Seems a few test weekends is a good way to feel things out. Boot camp looks like a good idea. I'm sure I'll continue asking for your advice as questions arise. Happy trails.
  8. Good point! It's based on looking at the differerent models, floor plans, need for a vehicle and not wanting to tow one. Next step, try it out
  9. Thanks everyone, I guess I should have asked which class would be a closer experience to a 5er, an A or C? Length, driving, floor plan? Asking a lot, but trying to get as close as possible given the choices available.
  10. Good afternoon, We have been talking seriously about RVing and have been doing some research on here and anyplace I can get my hands on. Looks like the best advice is to rent an RV first to test the waters. We have narrowed it down to a 5th wheel so we can disconnect and go exploring. Issue I'm having is, I can't rent a 5th wheel as we do not have a truck yet. What do you recommend to rent in it's place that will give us a similar experience, knowing we won't be able to experience the hitching/leveling portion. We have a ton more questions, but will try and do them sep
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