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  1. Thanks! Will definitely look into these as well. I saw a couple Class Bs at an RV show last year but they seemed too small (especially the bathroom). I'm a big girl. Once we decided on the 5th Wheel, we never really looked at any others. So excited to realize that there are so many more options open for me.
  2. Thank you, Barb. I didn't know there were small Class As. Will look into that. I admit that I have been worried that I would go too small.
  3. I've wanted to FT for as long as I can remember. Things are finally shaping up to where I think I can actually do it. My major issue right now is selling my apartment. I had hoped to do this with my significant other but we are pretty rocky right now. I have decided to do it with or without him. I'm changing my desire from a 5th Wheel to a small Class C because I just don't want the added expense of a truck if I have to go it alone. I'm headed out to Hershey, PA for the show next week and I'm really looking forward to it even though I think I am leaning towards used. So much to learn. I set a goal to hit the road May 2018.
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