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  1. This is what I do, only I use a Asus router. I then run a Cat 6 cable from router to TV so it is hard wired. Visible only see one device. Everything else connects to the router.
  2. Would not doubt that since ATT is cancelling the plans. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/alert-att-pulling-togo-airstream-360-year-unlimited-data-plans-effective-january-16th-2020/
  3. Acelead, check with the Pennington County Sheriff. I don't use escapee mail service, was ok using Americas mailbox address. Sheriff was most helpful to me.
  4. I believe you will need to contact a residential installer to be able to lease the equipment as dishformyrv is for pay as you go and does not support Hopper 3 equipment. Hopper 3 is not intended to be installed in a rv. That being said it is very doable. As to point 3 and 4, you do not have to install Hopper 3 in the bedroom. Mine is not. Mine has the DPH 42 switch install on the roof. Power inserter and solo hub and joey install behind bedroom tv where cable comes in from switch and travler. Hopper 3 is installed in living area. This install work great and have not had a problem with the install in a year and half. This install is in a fifth wheel. Good Luck
  5. If you get hungry and thirsty you might hit up "The Pig" if you like BBQ. We ate there last weekend while at the "Runa-a- mucka" bike rally. It was pretty good.
  6. Might want to install them for piece of mind. Worth the $42 they want on Amazon.
  7. Don't know about your trailer, but we have tank heaters on all tanks. When we travel in cold weather I turn them on soon as we stop. We are camping about 50 miles east of Dallas and it is 22 deg. as we speak. Furnace running, heated water hose and tank heaters, NO frozen water.
  8. Depends on what time of the year. Tioga pass is normally closed until mid May. That being said I have pulled our 40" fifth wheel over the pass. Slow, but can be done. One other thing Tioga pass is the highest pass over the Sierra Nevada's, 9943 ft. hope this helps.
  9. You have the 30/50 amp sites correct, but I think all the 50 amp sites are backin. Only pull thru are 30 amp.
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