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  1. Greetings, While on I-65, Southbound, about 50 miles north of Mobile, AL, I spotted a sweet White Volvo 780 pulling a multi-colored fiver going northbound. Due to traffic and rate of closure, I did not get a great look at it. It was actually hard to see until at about the 1030 to 1000 position, then, it was clearly evident it was an HDT pulling a fiver. If that was you, here's a virtual wave for you. Hope your travels are safe, fun and fulfilling.
  2. If any of the broken screw is sticking out, a pair of vise grips may do the trick. Otherwise, a screw extractor set may be required. Perhaps soaking it with some WD40 or PB Blaster for a couple of days may help when it comes time to remove the broken piece. Not certain of the situation of the broken screw but, perhaps you can grip it from the backside in order to remove it?
  3. The build looks great! Welcome!
  4. We use AeroData at work. Glad I was in training this week instead of at work. Don't know if our flights were affected. That might have been an unwelcome busy day.
  5. WoW! Sorry all that went on but, thankful for the mechanic that found the problem. You should rest a little easier now!
  6. FTW (Truck and lower signage)!!! She's a beauty!
  7. I thought the sticker rule applied on everything...They make stuff go faster, right? 🤣
  8. Greetings Mr. Cob!  I just browsed through your Peterbilt pictures on your smugmug link.  What a great looking truck!  It looks like your bed built went really well too.  Simple Elegance sir!  I also enjoyed seeing the comments on almost all of your pictures.  It's a nice touch that helps to explain what's going on.  Thank you for taking the time to document your build!  Jim.

  9. This is great stuff! [silly onion-cutting ninjas running around here again...]
  10. If you're not aware, check your Google maps before you leave the airport to find out where the traffic is. You can go through town on the connector or, use 285 on the west or the east side of Atlanta. We are south of the airport and a couple of weeks ago it took us almost an hour and a half to get to the top end perimeter. Watch out for ladders and couches. No, seriously... We will leave sometime in the morning and work our way up at a leisurely pace. I'm looking forward to this! Safe travels!
  11. This is what happens when you get like-minded, caring individuals together. IMO, with something like this, both the recipient and giver are both blessed in one way or another. I have read about a lot of kindness here. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Songs - Around about 1977, I remember Dad had a cassette that had all sorts of truck driving songs on them. We lived overseas and did not have a big selection for American music. [Odd actually as Dad was a Big Band era music lover]. I remember a few songs from that tape and search for them every now and again. "Give me 40 acres, and I'll turn this rig around..."
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