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  1. I've put about 25k miles on the setup so far in MT, WY, ID, and WA along with a fairly circuitous route to AK and back. I've only had 2 "soil the pants" moments. One coming down an 8% grade, curvy 7+ mile hill in eastern WA (not nearly enough engine braking). The other was just the other day coming into Billings MT when a car pulled out in front of me and I had to stop as hard as I could and it wasn't enough for my desired margin of safety. So overall it's honestly not that scary, but I don't want it to get the point of scary before making the switch later this fall.
  2. Long time lurker, one time poster, thought I'd share some recent weight tickets that have expedited my HDT project. Trailer is a Grand Design 3170BH, truck is an '06 GMC 3500 Dually (with a Transfer Flow 50 gallon tank in the bed). Just a little background that this truck doubles as my hunting / fishing truck (with a topper) so fifth wheel really wasn't a consideration as I need the space in the topper for my extra curricular activities. Truck weighed all on CAT scales... 10,320 (5020 front axle and 5300 rear axle) - truck in "fishing/camping" configuration with 84 gallons of fuel, 2 adults, 2 kids, Finn the dog, and camping stuffs 18,800 (4640 front axle, 6720 rear axle, and 7440 trailer) - weight distribution hitch, 84 gallons of fuel, 2 adults, 2 kids, Finn the dog, camping stuffs, and empty RV tanks 19,480 (4440 front axle, 6920 rear axle, and 8120 trailer) - standard hitch, 84 gallons of fuel, 2 adults, 2 kids, Finn the dog, camping stuffs, and 1/2 full gray, black, and freshwater tanks (give or take) So the auxiliary tank weighs 263 pounds and full has ~350 pounds of fuel in it, for a total of ~500 pounds. We just got back from a month long Alaska trip and I can say with confidence I wouldn't do it without having extra fuel capacity. Having said that, even if we didn't have the tank we'd still only be 500 pounds lighter. In current form and loading we're a whopping 40 pounds under max GVWR (11,400). My conclusions are as follows (and somewhat obvious): 1. An HDT based hauler is in the works 2. A shocking number of people towing big bumper-pulls and 5rs in trucks similar to mine (similar GVWR) are massively overweight (the only "luxury" items we carry are the extra tank, some tools, and a grill) My only question to the group, though, is would you expect more than 200 pounds difference by using the weight distribution hitch vs not?
  3. Long time lurker and student of all (well, a lot) of your posts. My wife and I have a rather unique set of requirements that I'm hoping all of you "been there done that" experiences can assist us with. We spend part of the year in FL but live in CO. We have 3 young kids (4,5, 8) that travel with us, which brings me to my requirements: 1. Safe seating for 5 in the HDT 2. Towing / carrying my wife's daily driver (currently a Volvo XC60 but would be open to moving to something smaller) 3. Towing the 5th wheel or travel trailer (currently an Airstream bunkhouse but would consider a change there) Originally I was thinking a 780 and having seat belts installed in the back of the sleeper and then having a hauler bed made to throw the (smaller) Volvo + motorcycle on and keeping the Airstream. The only potential "catch" is that often times I'd like to be able to just take the truck and our snowmobiles and just "camp" in the truck, so in an ideal world I would have an HDT that could sleep 5 in a pinch, which would mean getting a custom sleeper / box built, which means then we have to tow the XC60 in something (maybe a stacker with custom living quarters)? Are there solutions that I haven't thought of or options the rest of you pursued?
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