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  1. Looking for a Colorado, 4wd, to use as my toad.
  2. I tow a 2006 CRV and it tows very well, However a 4 door Colorado or Canyon is what I'm looking for because It can handle the tongue weight of a mobility scooter lift and scooter and the CRV can't. A good condition, reasonable mileage, Colorado is tough to find
  3. I received a ck for $45 with 3 more coming, 1 each year. Total about $180. I think I also got some kind of warranty extension. I need to go back and re-read it.
  4. I really like the convenience of a toad. It tows very easily and has little to no affect on gas mileage. It's a CRV behind a 30' Class C. The flexibility to go anywhere once we're on a campsite is worth it.
  5. I got lucky and found a low mileage 2006 CRV, ready to tow, on Craigslist. Found it about 100 miles from home. Found it under Recreational vehicles and typed CRV in search window. I also typed toad in the search window when searching. Searched probably 20 towns. Took some time, good luck.
  6. I had one of these and it was awesome, very good floorplan. I've moved on but if its structurally sound someone is gonna love it.
  7. I have a Thor 28z. The Ford E450 is awesome. The coach is OK. Couple of initial factory problems (water heater worked on gas, not on electric cause it was installed incorrectly, A/C connector box not properly grounded causing compressor to not kick on-- another factory screw up). Rear window leaked and the dealership eventually got it fixed. I'm thinking this kind of stuff is normal, unfortunately.
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