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  1. Took my driving test to upgrade my class C to a class B exempt on Feb 2017 in Austin, TX. It took 25 minutes in total to do the air brake test, safety inspection and drive. I have more details on another post.
  2. This was really helpful and led to my getting a class B exempt license this month in the Austin area. I took the written test at 216 E Wells Branch Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX 78660 because of their fairly good reputation. They were easy to work with but were confused as to which test I had to take. They gave me the CDL and air brake written test when they should have given me the class B exempt test only. I told them it was not the right testing but they couldn't find someone who knew the correct test to take. Much to their credit one of them stopped me during my test and admitted I had the wrong test. They had found someone who knew the right test to take. Once set up with the correct 20 question test, I finished it in 15 minutes. I then got a phone number to call to schedule my driving test. Don't lose that phone number as it is specific to the driving test appointment. They do not call you the day before your test so if you feel uncomfortable just call them to confirm your appointment. I did so and there was no waiting time so could have driven the same day if I wanted. Waiting time can be weeks during the Spring and Summer. The driving test was at 108 Denson Drive, AUSTIN, TX 78744 on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Make sure your proof of insurance, registration, inspection are up to date and with you and that headlights, brake lights, emergency lights and the license plate light work. It took about 25 minutes to do everything. I had to demonstrate the air brake 7 step check, back up in a straight line and then drive for ten minutes on various roads, including the interstate. I had my own wheel chocks but they may supply them if needed. I got good marks thanks to the heads up from David and Cheryl. Glad it is done. Follow David and Cheryl's advice and you'll get through fine.
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