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  1. unless its a roof mount down unit you won't need lag screws, AC units clamp from the bottom, be sure not to over tighten the unit. on coleman mach you will see white tabs on the sealing gasket, only tighten till they touch
  2. I have been drawing since I was kid and love to draw flames, i would be happy to help with some sketches if you like
  3. there is more fuses/ breakers behind the panel above the ash tray
  4. Phil, i have a storage box behind my 5th wheel
  5. Quickthrotl


    Congrats Phil
  6. Phil, which one did you get?
  7. looking for a smart around Des Moines Iowa area
  8. Quickthrotl


    I stumbled on this today thought id give it a share
  9. Does the truck stay running after you start it or will it die after awhile, when it dies or you shut it off do you hear bubbling in the fuel tanks?
  10. Before getting out of the trade, worked on semi tractors professionally, I had purchased SnapOn which I still own, Now that I do not work on trucks other than mine, if I need a tool that'll not get used extensively I will get from HF, I actually have had pretty good luck with their tools, a friend of mine told me they actually have a life time guarantee on their sockets.
  11. Seems like anything I start ever gets finished
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