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  1. I have an 04 Volvo VNL 780 for sale in Iowa. Titled as motorhome. you can contact me ay 5154193981, sending pics are easier that way
  2. Hey, I must have fat fingered the price when I listed this, the car is gone but will take 100K for the car and truck together
  3. We have decided to buy a lake home so are parting with all, We would like to sell as a package if at all possible. Will take 65k for camper and 35k for the truck The truck has 667000, Meritor auto shift, all new air bags in the last two years, all fluids changed last year, overhead was ran 7 moths ago, Jackalope, ET hitch, new Bostrom wide ride Serta+ seats, floor has been insulated to keep heat out, Deep Space lighting, tires are good. Titled as a motorhome in Iowa. Smart is an 09 Passion, it has 28000 miles, runs and drives good, will need tires soon and the alternator is making a noise when you first start the car Sometimes, it is charging as it should but I'm sure it will need changed out in the future The Momentum , new suspension, tires, 800 watts of solar, Magnum 2000 watt pure sine inverter, battery monitor, auto gen start, satellite dish, Bose surround system installed. This trailer has been kept up to snuff as I am an Certified RV tech. Of course there are dings, scratches and such on all as we used them frequently I will entertain an offer on all items separately EMAIL R.legler@icloud.com PHONE 5154193981
  4. to check the transfer switch, take the top off of the switch and there will be two relays in there, they should be marked to which one has shore power and gen power, on each relay the outer terminals will be line voltage and the center lug will be neutral, start the gen and test that you have 120 on each leg, if not your problem is at the genset
  5. A common problem is that a wire falls off the breaker on the generator, they are spade connectors.
  6. unless its a roof mount down unit you won't need lag screws, AC units clamp from the bottom, be sure not to over tighten the unit. on coleman mach you will see white tabs on the sealing gasket, only tighten till they touch
  7. I have been drawing since I was kid and love to draw flames, i would be happy to help with some sketches if you like
  8. there is more fuses/ breakers behind the panel above the ash tray
  9. Phil, i have a storage box behind my 5th wheel
  10. Quickthrotl


    Congrats Phil
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