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  1. If you have been wanting to swivel your seats in your MTD, HTD, Class C-B or Van conversion these swivels are the best on the market and are like New never mounted. Made by Bostrom for the Wide Ride seat design but can be modified to fit virtually any seat for Truck or Van. If you have converted a van or are looking to do so these swivels are made in the USA and are DOT rated. They are set up to swivel 180 degree's but can be converted to swivel 360 degree. This swivel seat base also adjust forward and backward. Retail prices vary from $300 to $550 Each for this model on Ebay and other web sites. I Can Ship to anywhere in the US, you pay the shipping cost or can be Picked Up in Eastern Oklahoma (preferred) More pics or info if needed Selling the Pair for $275.00 918.906.4504 Call or Text
  2. Brand New, Never Used Trail Air Center Point air ride suspension for tandem trailer. I have pics if needed $200 Can ship Located Eastern Oklahoma
  3. Price reduced even more $300 What $300 Yes thats what i said 300 smackaroonies. This system can be installed by one person in just a few hours New, never used TrailAir Center Point Air Equalizers This is a pair of Trail Air Center Point one for each side of your trailer The retail prices on this product is all over the place, $750 -$1500 so @$300 is a crazy price. System does not include 1/4 inch air line, air line quick connect fittings, schraders valves or air gauge but can be purchased on line or at your hardware store to complete the system. I will ship anywhere or can be picked up in Eastern Oklahoma Call or Text 918-906-4504
  4. Used Trailer Saver TSLB Hitch. Good Condition, has plenty of miles left on it. Located in Eastern Oklahoma $1350 I will ship or load it in your truck , trailer. Call or Text 918.906.4504
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