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  1. Out of the market for a HDT now. wife decided it was not something she is willing to drive now. Maybe in the future. Instead we got a good end of year deal on a Ram 3500 dually with the cummins diesel and Aisin transmission. should pull anything we finally decide to get. (haven't settled on a 5er yet!) Thanks for the advise and suggestions. I will keep my eyes open, maybe in the future when we finally retire and travel full time we may make the move. Matt S
  2. Brian, where are you located? As I said in the original post, I'm trying to look somewhat local first. Within a 4 hour drive I can travel to most of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont and half of Pennsylvania . There has to be something for sale around here!
  3. Hi, New to the Forums, Looking to upgrade from F-150 and Travel Trailer to 5th wheel. Price of new trucks is ridiculous! Even used ones are going for big money unless they are high mileage or 10 years old. planning on retiring in 5 years and want to get a jump on a new unit and truck to continue traveling on our vacations. I have been researching the HDT hauler Option and it seems like a cost effective way to get a great hauler. I have searched the for sale forum as well as racing junk, truck paper etc and have only found one within 2 hours of the Hudson Valley NY where I live. It seems all the nice ones are located 3000 or more miles away! Is there anything else for sale in NY or the North East - NY, NJ, Penn, Ct, Mass? I like the Volvo's with the workstation, but could consider other options. An Automatic is a must have as wife does a lot of the driving and we both have knee problems at various times. Any leads are appreciated I would like to look local before having to fly out and find something far far away. Thank you, Matt Hudson Valley, NY
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