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  1. Thanks all. She is looking at Hendricks Med Center for work. We are on a waiting list for the Whistle Stop RV park nearby. For now, if she takes the job, we have a spot at a small place called Gentle Breeze RV Community in Clyde.
  2. Does anyone know of a decent RV park to spend the winter at in San Angelo TX? My wife, travel nurse, has a chance to take a job in San Angelo for the winter but we need a place to stay before we can plan much. Same question for Abilene Tx. Thanks all!
  3. We have a Pilot/Flying J CC so we drive up to the truck pumps and fill up with the card and get out of the way. We have had no issues doing this.
  4. Shortly after taking delivery of our latest 5th wheel we gave away the theater recliners and bought a pair of Lazy Boy recliners. We kept the sleeper sofa as we rarely use it and it give us an extra bed if necessary. We also replaced the mattress with a Sleep Number RV Mattress. We haven’t made any other furniture changes.
  5. After many phone calls and emails I have decided to order a truck from the same dealer I used the last time, in Indiana. I get a good no-nonsense deal and they handle all the paperwork for Texas. They will even deliver the truck if I want, but I like the raid trip. Maybe I will get back to the Houston area later this year instead of this spring. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
  6. I used to have the B&W 5th wheel hitch but I can no longer lift it in and out of my truck so. I also had a Roto Flex pin box I didn’t like so I changed the pin box to a Goose Box and bought a B&W gooseneck ball and safety chains. The combination rides much better and there is nothing to taking the ball and chain mounts out of the bed. It also helps that the Goose Box and gooseneck ball combination weigh less than the B&W 5th wheel hitch and Roto Flex pin box.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I have some contacts now that I am working with in several areas of the country. I don’t mind a road trip, I am retired and full timing anyway.
  8. Thanks for the information. I am very near Morrisville at this time. We are Texas residents and plan to stay that way. I will look into NH as an option for ordering a truck.
  9. I want to order a new Ram 3500 in the near future. I would like to order from a dealer in the Livingston or Houston area and fly in to take delivery. Does anyone know who in these areas will take a new truck order via email/phone and give me a decent price on the vehicle? I am in Vermont as of now and dealers here don’t want to trouble themselves with Texas registration.
  10. I had a problem with one of my panels getting really loose and then binding up. It turned out to not be a big deal to fix. One of the guide screws came loose. I removed the screws from each end of the top rail the panels are hanging from and lifted the whole assmebly off the shower and laid it on the bed. If I remember right, the rail slid off the panels then you could see how they go together. I removed the loose screw and put a drop of blue loctite on it and found another loose screw and did the same for it. I then slid everything back together and rehung the assembly on the shower. We haven’t had any more trouble with it.
  11. Excel spreadsheet works great and I use OneNote to keep notes on things I wan to remember.
  12. That place went under several years ago. They did a huge volume. If I remember right one of the Houston Oiler players was one of the owners.
  13. I am hoping it will be this easy. I am concerned with the requirement of a state inspection certificate for the registration. The dealer I ordered the truck through is looking into the ways we can do the title and registration.
  14. I am ready to order a new truck to pull my 5th wheel. I am an Escapees member in Texas and I want to title/register the truck in Texas. I am in New Hampshire for the winter. I am thinking about ordering a truck from a dealer in Indianapolis, because of the price, but then I have to take delivery and drive it to Texas to do the title/registration. Has anyone here ordered or bought a truck from a dealer in the Livingston TX area and had good results as far as pricing and ease of buying? I do have the option of buying through the dealer in Indianapolis and having it delivered to a dealer in Livingston, if one of them is willing to do this. Any thoughts?
  15. How did this work out for you? I need to find someone in the Livingston area to do my taxes.
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