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  1. How much and what are the HOA costs what do they include
  2. I would like to see photos ( smithswilltravel@yahoo.com )
  3. Smog test is required in Reno the first time you reg most other counties do not
  4. I finely got 99% of the residue off the last thing did was use rubbing compound one inch at a time slow work but it looks a lot better. Now I will polish the whole rig and wait until I can afford to repaint her
  5. I got all of the tape off with the eraser. I am trying to get the residue glue off where it looks like it baked on. I have used Goof-off, 3m adhesive remover rubbing compound acetone. I'm going to repaint after I save the $$$$$. I have had quotes from $ 12,000. to $ 22,000.
  6. I am removing the vinyl stripe from My rig 1983 Revcon. I have used a 3m eraser and 3m adhesive remover, but all of it is not coming off. I know that there is going to be a shadow. But this is where the stripe cracked from age. Any ideas
  7. Snufy1

    Lincoln Highway

    I lived in Auburn Ca and it runs thru town and I've taken it from Sac to Truckee and parts of Indiana. I know that it runs next to 80 a lot of the way but who wants to take an interstate execpt when you have to
  8. Snufy1

    Lincoln Highway

    Has anyone taken the Old Lincoln Highway from CA to NY? Not the interstate part but the old road wherever possible.
  9. Thanks there was some debris in the exhaust cleaned it out and it now comes back on and relights. I tried it 3 times no problem. I'll keep an eye on it. Kirk I will download that manual and check into it deeper thank you for the link
  10. My Suburban NT-30M Heater Lights runs runs fine turns off at the preset temperature. The fan comes back on when temperature drops below but dose not relight. If I turn the switch on the thermostat off and on without waiting just off/on it relights and runs fine. Any Ideas?
  11. I think AT&T in going to use their Uverse system for streaming o a s&b it is much faster than DSL. Not everyone can get Uverse so I think they will have satellite for a long time
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