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  1. An update: I wrote to LG specifically asking about using the OLED in an RV. They replied that the components of the OLED are thinner than LED and they did not think the the TV would do well in a high vibration environment. They did not say that using it in an RV would invalidate the warranty, however, just that the chances were good there could be problems. I noted they did not recommend another of their models. Consumer Reports fairly recently tested TVs and the top 3 were LG OLED models (the image really is remarkable) while 4-6 were Samsung. I wrote to Consumer Reports asking them if they tested products for full time RV use and they responded that it was something they may think about doing. That could be a positive. Costco had a good Super Bowl sale on one of the Samsung models CR rated highly so we bought it. May try to use the Furrion as a patio TV if it will fit in the space provided for one. Thank you all for your input. I did not know about LG being Goldstar. I'll have to research Lippert to understand Allie and Jim's reply. Learning is good.
  2. Looking to whittle down our kitchen for full timing. I want to keep my cast iron so I feel I need to offset that weight somehow. I use my Pyrex oblong pans (various sizes) quite a bit but they are pretty heavy. I have preferred the glass over metal because they can be used in the microwave and they don't rust like some of metal pans have in the past. Space, too, is a consideration (though they do nest pretty well. Perhaps something better is out there. What do you use? What are your favorite casserole, baking, and roasting pans while on the road?
  3. Thank you all for your replies. USAA would be the perfect solution as they offer coverage for items all the other companies exclude - and the type of items we plan to store.
  4. Sales taxes are deductible for the year in which the purchase was made (on Federal). Lord knows that will be a big number in California! Some of your registration fees in CA are also part of your accumulated deductions annually (once you register your vehicle in SD you may need to look at that again). You mentioned your wife has an internet business. Do you have an entity established for that business in CA? You may want to look into moving it to SD as well. Helps strengthen the domicile and may save you some $$ in taxes for that as well. Just a thought. Personally, I don't mind paying a professional to do our taxes. He has saved us so much over the years. Way more than the preparation costs. Plus he advises us during the year. We would not have been able to retire early (maybe ever?) without his guidance. He is located in California but licensed in all states to do taxes (we moved out of CA 2 years ago). All the best to you.
  5. We are preparing to begin full time RV living at the end of March '17. We are liquidating just about all household goods but planning to put into storage some things that cannot be replaced if we decide to go stick and brick again. Do any of the companies that insure RVs and vehicles for full timers offer insurance that would cover items in a personal storage facility? Has anyone on the forum found a company they would recommend? Thanks in advance
  6. It is possible to get many things through Amazon Fire. I really like ours because we only have internet from our Charter Cable service provider (in stick and brick) but to get options like TCM, NFL, etc, one has to have a cable TV package from the provider. I'm making an assumption here that would also include Direct TV. Bummer. As we get closer to full timing one of my personal to do items is figure out reliable, fast-ish, internet connectivity. Perhaps a wi-fi booster? And by the way, for secure internet activity from anywhere may I suggest you look into a Keezel VPN device? I have felt pretty exposed on the free wi-fi hotspots at the RV parks. Check it out here: https://www.cnet.com/products/keezel/preview/ or look it up on Indiegogo.com.
  7. Our new Pinnacle 5er has a Furion 50" TV and built in sound system (DV1200). I'm assuming Jayco went with Furion because it is ruggedly built for vehicles and motor craft (or they just got a good price from the mfr). But the picture quality is not very good. I would like to replace it with an LG OLED55B6P. Dimensions will fit the TV elevator but will the LG hold up under the rigors of motion? Before buying the Pinnacle new I looked at used rigs and noticed many had upgraded the TVs to Samsung or Sony. Even some new rigs have Samsung. Does anyone have an opinion or bits of wisdom on putting a more mainstream market TV in and RV? New to RVing in general and about to go full time very soon. Thanks for the input.
  8. 2016 Jayco Pinnacle 36FBTS. Just returned from inaugural trip. Going full time at end of March 2017.
  9. Wow! Thank you all for this input and welcoming wishes. Seems this wasn't as simple a topic as I originally thought. We were looking at DRV Mobile Suites initially after learning that most of the very best rated RV manufacturers have gone out of business. But finding what we wanted in floor plan and length was tough to find used or new in a budget that didn't give our CFP a heart attack. Since we also have to purchase the tow vehicle we decided we would go with something still well rated by RVCG (score of 80 +) with a 5 year plan in mind and purchase a tow vehicle that could handle a sturdier RV like DRV later if we still feel this lifestyle agrees with us. I think Jayco bought out Travel Supreme - also a highly rated RV gone under. I know that doesn't make the Pinnacle high end by default but in walking through several and scrutinizing construction from underneath it seems like it will hold up with respectful care. Fortunately, the dealer price on the year end Pinnacle just about takes care of the first 2 year depreciation off MSRP. After visiting many dealerships in several states we feel like we found two that were reputable with knowledgeable sales people that didn't make us feel like we were prey. One was the DRV dealer in Chanute, Kansas and we're sorry we aren't going to be doing business with him. That dealer, BTW, was once the manufacture plant for Nu Wa Hitchhiker (they stopped manufacturing in 2013). Well, maybe in few years we'll be paying him a visit. Thank you, Kirk for your reassuring words about not being grilled on use when requiring warranty repair. As to having warranty work completed immediately because it is our home; if one is on vacation for two weeks or full timing it is still "home" and if we are far from our domicile address the work needs to be completed asap, right? We will definitely be looking at extended warranties before we finalize the purchase just in case. Hope to meet you all at some time on the road. In the meantime, happy trails to all. The Snows
  10. We are brand spankin' new to the RV lifestyle. So new we don't even have a rig - yet. We've been reading, studying, and searching for some months now since the big "R" is at year end. We think we found what will meet our needs and desires for full time living in a Jayco Pinnacle. While reading a copy of the owner's manual published online (we have not bought but did put a refundable deposit down) that the manufacturer 2 year warranty is void if the RV is used for long term or full time residence. Has anyone encountered this? We told every dealer we spoke to that we were planning for full time and not one person has mentioned this "little detail" about warranty. From the RVCG database this is a reliable company and product so why wouldn't they be willing to honor their warranty for more than occasional use? Just wondering if this limitation/exclusion is an industry standard? Been reading posts here and just joined Escapees because we know we know nothing about this lifestyle and everyone seems so generous with helpful wisdom. Thanks much in advance, Snows
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