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  1. Update: The second garage had a senior mechanic pull the left rear wheels off and do an inspection. He found a cracked brake rotor. This could have serious implications if it broke so I am proceeding with doing a brake job next week. The mechanic's thought is there may have been some vibration from the cracked rotor. I will keep you posted if it solves my problem in the future.
  2. I just bought a new to me Class A and am having trouble keeping the two nuts tight that hold on the stainless steel wheel cover on my left rear dual. Any suggestions on how to keep them tight and why they won't stay tight? The first time I thought the place that put the new tires on did not tighten them sufficiently. Second time it was after a different garage did a brake check and balanced my tires. Only thing in common is the wheel position.
  3. Did you sell your spare tire carrier? Is the pricing correct?
  4. Looking at the above washer dryer combo. I also understand it was sold under the Demco. Have a chance at a good price and wonder if anyone has one or knows how they compare to a Splendide.
  5. Any brand and 3 different sizes that could work since the dealership is replacing all four rear tires. No stock on any size or brand. Hope to find out tomorrow where they will be shipped from when the warehouse reopens on Monday.
  6. The front tires are 2 years old and the back are 10 years old. Dealership is replacing back tires before I take delivery.
  7. I hope anyone needing a tire is carrying one. No stock available currently in Manitoba Canada for my new to me motorhome. Shop is expecting one to two weeks to get me a tire.
  8. I have bought today a 2004 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager model 8368MXG on a Workhorse W22 chassis. I have two questions. 1) I have 2 temperature guages on the dash. One in the instrument cluster and a second one on the left side of the dash. Is the second one transmission temperature? 2) What compartment do you stuff the spare tire in? There is no spare with it and I intend to buy one. Question is which storage area will it fit in as the compartments appear too small? Thank you for all responses.
  9. I am looking at a 2005 Winnebago Adventurer 38J on a Workhorse chassis. It has the air conditioner in the basement and the dealer calls it a side mount Coleman A/C. Are they reliable and are parts available or this this something to avoid. I only have knowledge of roof top air conditioners.
  10. Bert2

    Class A Toyhauler

    I have considered a flat deck on a new pickup but have trouble with the concept of spending about $5,000 US for a flat deck with storage boxes on top of the price of a new truck. I am also concerned about the height of the truck for my wife and I to get into the cab as we get older. My current truck is a 2006 and I had planned to replace it in 2016 but replacing the truck and trailer is a bit more than I want to spend. That is why we are looking at used Class A toy haulers. Keep the suggestions and thoughts coming. I am open to all ideas and suggestions. I will research for the Safari coach.
  11. Bert2

    Class A Toyhauler

    I like the Ford V10 but found out on a trip with my friend that the Ford dealers wouldn't help him and I had the local Ford dealer lie to me twice. The local GM dealer has been very good to me though. I want to take my quad and motorcycle with me so that is why I am looking at a Class A toyhauler. Currently I take one or the other in a cargo trailer behind my fifth wheel trailer.
  12. Since the new pickups are too high and won't back under my existing fifth wheel or clear my garage door I am thinking getting a used Class A toy hauler in a couple of years so I have started my research. I have only seen 3 models so far, the Damon Outlaw, the Gulfstream Bounty Hunter and the Newmar Canyon Star. Are there any other models I have not found? I am leaning towards a Freightliner Chassis with the 6.7 Cummins FRED (front engine diesel) or the Workhorse chassis with the 8.1 GM gas V8. The Ford V10 I am not interested in. I am noticing about a $20,000 premium for the FRED diesel setup. Is it worth the premium? I would like to have the diesel for the exhaust brake for the long downhill grades. I would also prefer the generator to run on the same fuel as the engine and not on propane. I am 3 years from retirement and would expect to put about 10,000 miles on the coach per year once I retire. I welcome all suggestions and thoughts.
  13. Wanted to share our good experience but did not know where to post. We were in northern Manitoba Canada and my wife broke the frame of her glasses. We were very fortunate to find a place by the name of Northern Eyecare Ltd. in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada. They were able to put her lenses in another frame for a very reasonable price while we waited. We recommend them if you are in that area.
  14. Question about using a macerator as it grinds the black down very fine I am going to be dumping sometimes into a friend's septic tank. My friend's concern is that the discharge is so fine that it will not either float or sink to the bottom of the first chamber of his septic tank and will flow to the second chamber and then into his underground field with adverse consequences. Any advice?
  15. Which model of macerator? Can you supply a model or part number? What is the pumping range/specs?
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