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  1. It's perfect we think! Would owner want us to go through bid or buy outright? We are heading back to Georgetown Tx by April 1. All can change to look at MH. Buyer will look at photos and bid process in route today. 512-966-1714.
  2. Buying accessible motor home or Trailer with tow vehicle made for 27" wide electric wheelchair need Ricon or Braun lift to enter independly use rollin shower vehicle Truck or conversion van 3/4-1ton with accessible lifts Also son buying trailer& truck 30'or less 3/4 or 1ton doxie@@startmail.com artywoof@yahoo.com
  3. Thank you! We are trying to understand each website, sitemap and purpose. Years ago it was simple.
  4. Shari & Ken Lakin SKP 1448 Tim Pautsch SKP 1450 doxie@startmail.com artywoof@gmail.com 512-799-8172 512-966-1714
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