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  1. Hi, We recently went back to sticks & bricks. I changed the address on our Progressive RV policy & the rate went up $35 so now I’m looking for other insurance options. Apparently it is more expensive to not live full time in an RV according to Progressive. Happy Travels!
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I found out I missed the internet/cell service more than the guns. Just kidding. I hate guns, but I've been saved 2 or 3 times as someone was trying to jam the door open, but changing their mind after hearing the cock of the trigger. I'm an oilfield baby and my mom was 19 when she had to protect us with a pistol in the middle of nowhere at 2 or 3 AM when my dad was on a rig working. I respect them. I tease my husband mercifully about the guns but we boondocks frequently and I'm always thankful for him and his protector. We had thought of shipping, pawn shops, just burying them somewhere and the list goes on and on. He's a stickler for rules and it seemed advice varied in all directions. We ended up finding a storage area in Blaine, WA who offered the smaller units. The lady advised us to take our receipt and present it to customs on entry. We did. The customs officer said we made her job a whole lot easier with that receipt because of course we're from TEXAS. They told us they had to run the background checks on us because it was our first time in Canada and search of our truck and rv. We stayed for around 45 minutes with the fur babies glaring at the kennels they'd provided for such scenarios. After a time they came to get me because they couldn't get into the lock box they'd discovered. That rather confused them because when asked what we kept in there I responded my meds of course! I went into the RV and unlocked the lockbox for them to reveal the meds. It was rather weird to me because we declared the guns and the receipt from the storage unit as advised by the storage agent. After that we were on our way and talking about how when we were in on the border of Mexico we had helicopters and border patrol finding illegals constantly during the week we were in PioPico. It made an interesting conversation as to rights versus safety. At any rate Canadians were lovely people and we enjoyed our short stay there. My tips for Canada: Walmart will give change for $100 even if you buy a pack of gum. Get the international phone plan before you go. We wasted a day at the Virgin Kiosk at the mall trying to figure out why the Canadian sales people didn't have communication with the US sales people. In the end we bought a prepaid plan for our phones and went the rest of the time without internet. It might be better to just buy burner international phones. Without internet it's extremely hard to plan where to go and how. I did find they were fascinated with our president and apparently loved him. I didn't really know what to expect after the trade agreements. Rv'ing gives us such a wonderful opportunity to view different perspectives of life.
  3. Any tips for gun storage spots near Blaine, etc? Thanks!
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